• 3D Printing has the potential to revolutionise the way we create physical objects. The technology is making headway into a number of industries and is the future of prototyping. 3Dexter envisions this technology to be at the core of higher education and an enabler of innovation. We at 3Dexter undertake the responsibility to assist educational institutions to develop 3D Modelling and Printing as a skill in young minds through curriculum-based set-ups.

    Skill of Future

    3Dexter adds 3D Printing and Designing as a skill in young minds through its curriculum. These skills have huge industrial applications which makes this a future career prospect.

    Creativity & Problem Solving

    Students are exposed to open ended sessions and challenges which improvises their creative skills. Regular real life projects builds up on their problem solving abilities.

    Academic Enhancement

    3Dexter curriculum tends to enhance the regular academics by creating an experiential learning environment using 3D printed objects and activities. It also assists teachers to boost classroom teaching.

  • Curriculum

    The classroom model focusses on one-to-one learning outcome. The first of its kind in India, our 3D Printing curriculum encourages experimentation by making students work on engaging projects.


    3Dexter Workshops inspire enthusiasts to explore the world of third dimension. Workshops are designed for both basic and advanced categories. Interested in a session? Contact us now!

    3D Printers

    Our team has created high quality 3D Printers for educational as well as industrial use. These reliable printers are cost effective and can be customized on demand. Contact us for enquiries.


    Send across your 3D designs, and we will print them for you. We have been printing prototypes for various industries and our technology is advanced and reliable.


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