Bussiness Development Officer

A business development officer is responsible for developing marketing and business plans for the achievement of revenue goals for a company.

Career Option

  • • Sales • Business Developer • Strategic Planner

Top Colleges In India

  • • Stanford University in Stanford
  • CA- 450 Serra Mall
  • Stanford
  • CA 94305
  • USA https://www.stanford.edu/ • Harvard University in Cambridge
  • MA- Cambridge
  • MA 02138
  • USA- http://www.harvard.edu/ • Dartmouth College in Hanover
  • NH- Hanover
  • NH 03755
  • USA- http://dartmouth.edu/

Courses to be pursued

  • • Bachelors of Science in Bussiness Administration • The Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Working Condition

You may not have one specific office and have to travel on a frequent basis. Your salary increases with the number of contracts you sign.

Personal Skill

  • • Proficient in working with computer • Software skills-Microsoft Office
  • CRM Software

Educational Qualification

  • Minimum Bachelors degree is required.
Successful Persons

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