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Samagri, Sampatti Aur Sauda

27 Mar 17

A series of short vignettes providing a detailed explanation on the commodities that shaped India’s history – through their trade, usage and spread. Some key commodities like pepper, silk and cotton are covered in this 26-part series.

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Mount Everest - Fun Fact

24 Mar 17

Mount Everest is on the border between China/Tibet and Nepal in the Himalayan Mountains in Asia. Sir George Everest discovered it in 1841 and Everest was first named Peak 15 and measured at 29,002 feet in 1856.In 1865, the name ‘Everest’ was given by an international organization called Royal Geographical Society.

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ScoopWhoop: Types Of Students We Meet During Exams

20 Mar 17

When exams knock on the door, students learn the meaning of the word 'panic'. These are the types of students we all were during exams.

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'FOCUS' - Motivational video (ft.Aamir Khan) | Inspirational speech video | Eternal Explorer

18 Mar 17

Motivational video from Amir Khan. Watch the video and get motivated.

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The 9 BEST Scientific Study Tips

17 Mar 17

Ace any exam with these study tips! Watch the video to know more.

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