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Sculpture show by Sumita Chandani Rekhi on 13 april' 17 from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Art for me is as natural as it is to breathe and as individual as our finger prints. It is a desire to express whatever it is we wish to, in a creative and artistic manner, with an intention to please the senses or at least to rattle and unnerve them.
If it jolts, its art, if it unnerves or repulses or entices one to think, yes, that’s also art.
I work with a multiple of mediums since I am at the experimental stage of my journey yet to find myself, yet I search ,yet I explore and share my thoughts and creativity with you through various sculptures and mediums.
I sculpt what I am and that leads me to the question what or who am I. Essentially, I would say I am not a clearly defined label, but an amalgam of changing experiences, moods ,vicissitudes and times
– of course my thoughts have an indelible influence on my works. My passionate loves for the truth lead me to sculpt the works on Gandhi

Venue : Gallery B, All India Fine Arts & Craft Society (AIFACS), 1 Rafi Marg, New Delhi.

Entry is free.

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