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Interview with Mr. Ayush Kohli

Assistant Editor 10 Jul 2018 0

Ayush Kohli is a Director, Model, Actor, and Writer. His passion lies in direction. Directing is something he has chosen to make his Career. Ayush has written various poems and he loves singing as well. He has worked with JK Tyres, OLX, Dabur, etc. Ayush is an all rounder as he is very good in academics, sports, group discussions etc. Ayush is from Dehradun and has done his studies from Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar. Read the excerpt below to know more about Ayush Kohli through our journalist Ms. Shruti Anand.

1. When did you realize that this is the career where your passion lies?

It was my dream since my childhood. I was very afraid to tell my parents as I thought that they’ll laugh at me and make fun of me. When I did my graduation and I was offered a job in an MNC that time I realized that I cannot do a 9 to 6 job and I told my parents about it. They wanted me to do MBA but I never wanted to pursue it. So I told them and they supported me. They said that it’s up to you whatever you want to do. Thus, they provided financial help in my education and they supported me to pursue my passion. That was the day that I decided to fulfill my dreams.

2. One need guts to follow an unconventional career. So, what do you have to say on this and how do you gather courage to make a career in something really different?

Yes! One definitely needs guts to choose an unconventional career. We are all just working on our dreams and our hard work decides the destination. But luck is a must to accompany you in this field. The thing that motivated me was that I am a human and I have this one life and I don’t know whether I will get a chance or not to fulfill it. So, I gave my best shot in it and decided whether I will achieve my goals or not but I will definitely not die thinking I didn’t try.

3. As you have reached pinnacle of success, so what were the challenges faced by you in your so far journey?

There were various challenges. The first one was that in field like this people say a lot negative and positive. Next were the limited resources and people were not supportive. They were commenting about my field of interest but one has to face such challenges and get through them. At the end, these are milestones in every career.

4. What are the courses and skills one must focus on to become a director?

One should know the basics and the key points but more than that one should have innovation in themselves. Not everyone or anyone can be a director. A person need innovative mind in direction, because direction is not only about making a film it’s about presenting your idea and state of mind on a screen. So, these were the challenges because every individual has a different mindset.

5. Do you believe in Luck or Hard work? Why?

Hard work fails if talent is not working. Talent and luck makes a good combination but its hard work that sets the destination.

6. Who is your real life inspiration?

My real life inspiration is my dad. I would like to share here that I don’t want to be a person my Dad is. This is because my father lives for his family. The only thing that matters to him is our happiness and he never gave us a clue what is his happiness, his dreams. He is the person about whom I care the most in my family. So, he is the only person who inspires me.

7. As a model, what style tips you would like to share with aspiring students?

For modeling it is not about a fit body or fitted clothes. Any person can be a model, there are no such limitations for that. The height is the essential factor in modeling. It is just about that a person should wear what suits his personality. A very important factor that is to be kept in mind is cleanliness.

8. What is your success mantra?

My success mantra is ‘Be Spontaneous’. One cannot achieve anything by just sitting and wondering I should do this or that. So just don’t think or write your plans. Just go and do it. Have faith in yourself and do it. Go achieve because I believe it’s now or never.

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