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25 Mar 17

The overall development of a child is of great significant today. But people tend to forget that it’s not just at school, where a child can hone his learning skills. Extracurricular activities can also help in achieving the goal. One such activity could be creative writing.

Creative writing allows your child to use his creativity and imagination and gives rise to out of the box thinking. It lets them process their skills and push forward their ideas. Creative writing is an excellent form of self-expression, which gives your child an opportunity to express in a safe and comfortable environment.

It also helps them in practising grammar and punctuation without even realising. While thinking they tend to empathise with the characters that they are writing about, which also explores their own feelings and emotions. It makes a child feel proud, they see someone reading the story that they had spent hours on. This gives them a boost of self-confidence.
This hobby could be taken up by a child even at home or creative writing classes. It just depends on where his/her comfort zone is.

Content: http://www.mykidsy.com/blog/2013/10/benefits-of-creative-writing-for-children/

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