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Skip for a Healthy Heart.

29 Mar 17

Skipping is considered just a hobby but it could be the new way to have a healthy hearts forever.  Children these days are so gadget savvy that getting them to enrol in a specific sport is a tough task for the parents.

 Skipping can come as a great escape in this case. It is said that skipping works as a substitute for a number of other sports. It makes almost every part of the body move in the process. It helps in making the child work out without it being a burden on them. While many other sports like football, cricket, etc. require a child to fix a particular time for practice, skipping gives the child the freedom to play whenever he wants. Out of all other games and sports, skipping comes out as one of the cheapest options available. When a child is skipping his heart works at a much better pace and pumps more blood.

Students should take up the hobby at an early age, so as to sustain it in the future. It would help them remain fit and have a healthy heart without much work.

Content: http://www.orilliapacket.com/2017/03/23/students-jump-toward-heart-health

Image: http://www.stylecraze.com/articles/amazing-benefits-of-skipping-exercises-to-include-in-your-workout/#gref

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