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12 Apr 17

A new study by the University of Alberta Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry has found that babies from families with dog pets had increased immunity.

Anita Kozyrskyi, the study lead, who is one of the world’s leading researchers on gut microbes, says that the period of exposure is however crucial. The theory behind is that early exposure to bacteria and dirt creates early immunity.

They found that pet exposure during pregnancy or up to three months after birth elevate the abundance of two bacteria, Oscillospira and Ruminococcos, which respectively have been associated with reduced childhood obesity and allergies.  

They also found that there was a two-fold increase in the abundance of these two bacteria when the pet was in the house. This increased pet exposure affected the gut microbe indirectly—dog to mother to unborn baby—both during pregnancy and during baby’s first three months of life. Thus, even if they give away the dog for adoption before the child’s birth, the exchange of healthy microbes could still occur.  

Kozyrskyi believes that this research finding would soon be used by the pharmaceutical industry to create these microbial supplements, in the way they did with probiotics. 


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Tallest Mountains in The Solar System - Iapetus

19 Mar 18

The walnut-like shape of one of the icy moons of Saturn has been already mystifying scientists long since, specially its perfect ridge of mountains that are encircling most of its surface.

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How Stress Changes Our Brain?

16 Mar 18

Stress is a feeling of strain and pressure. Just like physical disorders, stress and other mental disorders are equally fatal. In a recent research conducte ...
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Earth’s Vegetation and Global Warming.

15 Mar 18

The rapid deforestation can majorly effect the rising temperatures of the earth. Forest has a great role to play in regulating the surface temperature. A plant has a major role to play in climate c ...
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A Noble Start To A Fit Tomorrow

14 Mar 18

You must have probably heard your grandparents recalling their day when they had to walk 5-7 miles for school or probably they could eat one full-sized hen. To some extent though these stories seem ...
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Survey Reveals Mumbai To Be The Most Expensive City For Expats

13 Mar 18

The financial capital of India - Mumbai has been revealed to be the most expensive city in the world for expatriates. It has left behind cities such as Seattle and Frankfurt. The rankings are accor ...
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