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Jamshed Ji Tata

16 Apr 17

The legacy of the Tata Industries started with the great industrialist Jamshed Ji Tata. He has been given the title of ‘Father of Indian Industry’.

He started his career at a very early age and struggled his way to reach great heights.  He worked for his father till the age of 29. He later went on to setting up cotton mill in Nagpur in 1874. The son of a Nasarvanji Tata, he used to trade jute with Britain and China. A cloth mill was started by him in Nagpur. Until then all the cloth used to come to India from England. One of the best hotels in the world, The Taj Hotel in Mumbai was also one of his great works.

His life goals included setting up-

  • Iron steel Company
  • World class Learning Institute
  • A world class hotel
  • A hydro-electric plant

Being the path finder for industries in India, Jamshed Ji took his last breath May 19, 1904. Till date he acts as an inspiration for budding entrepreneurs all over the world.

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