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Maxfort School, Pitam Pura & Rohini Taken Over by Government

04 Aug 16

Two branches of privately-run Maxfort School was taken over by the govt. on Wednesday after Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung’s nod on Tuesday night.

Basis on the complaints the school was collecting regarding capitation fee and denying admission to poor students under the EWS quota, the government constituted two committees. The first was under the department of education and the other under the district magistrate, northwest district. On the recommendations of the two committees, the directorate of education issued show cause notices to the two branches of the school on April 11. The school was given 15 days to respond.

After examining the responses, the government decided to take over the management of the school by the powers vested to it under Delhi School Education Act. On Wednesday, a team visited both the schools and took possession of the school property.
Maxfort School has approached the Delhi High Court against the action. The court will hear the matter on Monday. “The matter is now sub-judice. Let the court now decide,” said a school management committee member.

In the government order pasted outside both the branches, the government said that it was a “norm for the school to demand and accept illegal donations from parents in the name of different societies”.

“Collection of capitation fees is prohibited under Section 13 (2) of Right to Education Act and Rule 172 & 175 of the Delhi School Education Act,” the order said. It said the Maxfort School denied admission to students under E W S/ DG category.

Govt. said the school had not given any explanation regarding the depreciation amount of Rs. 3 crore claimed by the school in the financial returns for years 2010-11 to 2014-15. The parents are happy. “We fought against the school for three-and-a-half years. The school looted us. They would take cash from us and never give a receipt. We had to stand up,” said Arvind Dikshit, President of the Parents’ Association of the Pitampura branch.

Source- Hindustan Times

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