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30 Aug 16


Now if you are thinking about how do people easily recognize the complex pattern of songs, so here is the answer.


A new study has revealed that it is a human tendency to find simple music pleasurable and relaxing. More than this our subconscious mind can effortlessly pick the easy pattern within compound pattern.


The whole process of simplifying tough pattern into simple pattern inside human brain works much in the same way that ‘lossless’ audio compression does.


According to a report published in BioMed Central’s open journal BMC Research Notes, human brain clarifies the hard patterns of songs. A team of researchers has stated that the compactness attracts human brain towards the songs. Researchers also stated that the random noise could only be reduced by 86% of its actual size.


Dr Nicholas Hudson, one of the researchers also suggested that, "Enduring musical masterpieces, despite apparent complexity, possess high compressibility".

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Few Unknown Life Facts of Children’s Best Friend- Mr. Bean

24 Sep 17

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Human V/S Robots at Workplace in Future

23 Sep 17

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Recording and Animating of Dreams Will Change Future

22 Sep 17

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'Slow Motion' Earthquakes in New Zealand

21 Sep 17

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A Balance Amount of Folic Acid to Lower the Risk of Autism

20 Sep 17

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