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01 Sep 16

A new study by (SISSA) International School of Studies has discovered that humans are culturally biased toward their native language speaker.

Not only this, the study has also revealed that kids from their early childhood respond more towards the information coming from their native language speaker than non-native speakers.


Scientists conducted two experiments with different age groups. The experiment showed that at the age of 5 months or 12 months, an infant can be more attentive towards their local language speaker.


Study has clearly stated that the process of acknowledging the native language of the communicator stimulate in infants at very early age.

Social learning is the term which shows cradle’s cultural behavior.


"Though it may seem limiting, children are presented with a huge amount of stimuli, and therefore need strategies to efficiently distribute their attention potential, maximizing thus the learning of relevant inputs. Choosing native speakers of our language is a good way to be able to selectively learn from them the knowledge of our cultural environment”, said Mamo, the author of the study.





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