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Prevention of Scars by New Compounds

09 Sep 16

Scientists from Indian origin have invented some new effective compounds.

The creators have claimed that the new discovery can stop scars’ development.


People can get rid-off scars as well as it can help people with burn and scaring disorders.

The researchers have said that the new discovery can also prevent untreatable burn marks.


Student from University of Western Australia, Swaminathan Iyer has invented the helpful mixture. “The study is based on patients in need, suffering with keloids, burns and dupuytren contracture”, said Iyer.


During scar development the enzyme called lysyl oxidase, or LOX, enables the collagen occupied in injury-healing to crosslink. The abolished architecture leaves the new tissue functionally compromised.


The researchers also brought to light the issue that patients spend lots of money on expensive surgeries. The ultimate goal of the scientist is to stop the scars from the beginning by obstructing LOX.

Researchers have suggested the new development can be used for cosmetic purposes as well.


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