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Submarine for ‘Titan’

15 Sep 16

Scientist from NASA is planning to send a submarine to Saturn’s Moon. The experiment was done to explore the depth and life on the planet. Saturn’s moon is widely known as Titan because of the dense atmosphere.


According to the scientists unlike The Earth Titanian seas does not contain water but liquid hydrogen. The researchers planned that the submarine would carry tools to evaluate the chemical formation of the ocean.


Instruments-to-Moons would also measure the current, tides and the formation of the ocean floor. The NASA-submarine was designed as the similar traditional submarine.

A pole was created at the top of the submarine to communicate with the Earth.


Submarine’s search for life is planned to be fully independent, since it would not be able to communicate when sunken. The whole mission has been planned in the search of hydrocarbon based life according to the scientists.


Scientists have also added that Titan is the only moon in our solar system which has got earth like features such as an atmosphere and clouds. Titan has some differences which are extreme cold and oceans of liquid methane, said Jason Hartwig, a Nasa cryogenics engineer, in an interview.



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