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Music as a Part of Curriculum Activity For Children

01 Oct 16

Many studies have proved that music plays an essential part in brain development. Every human like and enjoy music by listening, playing an instrument or singing. A recent study has proved that music helps in language improvement and in reasoning.


Students who learn music in their early life develops an area in the brain. The scientists have said that the left brain in human develops better through music. Music is also a good source that helps the child to store information in brain.


The students who are involved in music use their memory while performing. Music works as a helping tool that helps students to memorize things for long time, it also improve their academic goals.


Along with memory benefits music also increases student’s creativity. Gradually they learn to generate good work instead of ordinary work. While learning instruments students faces challenges but mastering on these small challenges works as an achievement for them.


Experts have suggested that music gives a sense of achievement to students, which keeps them motivated for their set targets.



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