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Google Donates 54 Crores to India

22 Apr 17

As an attempt of philanthropy, Google has donated around 54 crore to four non-profit organizations in India. The aim of this is to promote education in India. It is being said that the grant will help promote and improve the learning experience of students in India.

The main focus of the donation is on providing the students with quality learning materials and better training. This will also allow the student to learn beyond the classrooms. The initiative will also be aimed at bridging the gap between students and education. It will help in providing more books to the students and lesson plans to them. Google will be working alongside these organizations to provide quality education to the students.

The receivers of the grants are-

  • Learning Equality
  • Million Spark Foundation
  • Pratham Book Story Weaver
  • Pratham Education Foundation

We hope that with this initiative the education scenario of India will improve and we will see more children taking part in schools and receiving quality education.

Content: indiatoday.intoday.in

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