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24 Apr 17

Google got its name from the word ‘googol’, which means that the number one is followed by 100 zeros. It reflects the possibility of infinite searches over the net.

Maths gets crazy with its functions. For example, when 111,111,111 is multiplied by 111,111,111, the resultant number is 12,345,678,987,654,321.

Americans call it ‘math’ and the British ‘maths’. The former believe that it is a singular noun, but the latter reason it as a plural terms as it ends with the letter ‘s’. When the number 1 gets divided by 998,001, the resultant number is a complete sequence from 000 to 999 in order.

You can calculate a pizza’s volume with the formula- Pi x r2 x h. If a pizza’s height is ‘a’ and radius ‘z’, then its volume is Pi x z x z x a. 9 is believed to be a magical number. If you multiply any number with 9, and add up the resulting number’s digits, the sum would be 9.

The Roman numerals do not represent zero, which is one of the most important numbers. Billion, trillion, quadrillion, quintillion, sextillion, septillion, octillion, nonillion, decillion, and undecillion – these come after a million. 

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Shikhar Dhawanto be Replaced in the Next International ODI

20 Sep 17

Sikhar Dhawn who is considered as the star of present cricket day, is supposed to be out of the series of one day matches against Australia.  A statement has been released by the Board of Cont ...
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Concussion may lead Towards MS in Future

20 Sep 17

Head is considered the most sophisticated parts of our body that is made up of various nerves and tissues. Human brain remains safe inside the brain but a small injury can spoils one’s life f ...
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Veteran Tennis Player Leander Paes Plays for His Passion

19 Sep 17

During a recent interview with Leander Paes, he said that he loves the game and is still playing it for his passion.

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Smart Software That Can Detect People’s Action

19 Sep 17

Scientists have recently developed a computer algorithm that is capable of detecting when drivers are texting or engaged in other distracting activities.

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Wrestling Federation of India: Its Ins and Outs

18 Sep 17

There are clear evidences of wrestling in India since a long period of time; however it has emerged into its latest format after going through various modifications. Earlier it was known as Malla Y ...
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