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04 Jun 17

Yaoshang is the Holi festival of Manipur. It is celebrated for 5 days, commencing from the full moon day in the month of Phalgun. Fund for celebrating the festival is collected from their localities by boys and girls. Spraying a variety of colors on one another, dancing, grand feasts, and singing are all parts of this yearly festival.

The Manipuri Vaisnavite elders, during this festival, participate in devotional songs and related rituals. At the Kangla Fort’s Shri Govindajee temple and other such places worships are done.

A traditional moonlight dance called the Thabal Chongba is the Yaoshang festival’s major attraction. Musical instruments such as flute, saxophone and drums are played during the dance. Boys and girls dance in a circle during the Thabal Chongba.

At evening times during the festival, a small thatch hut is burnt by the Manipuri Vaishnavites. It is referred to as Yaoshang. The resulting burnt ashes are believed to be sacred by Vaishnavites. They collect the ash after the burning and smear it on the face and forehead of the worshippers. This is done at temples too. Several sports events are also conducted during the festival for young women and men.

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