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Nasa Mission Investigates Astronaut Vision Issues

05 Jun 17

The scientists from NASA are trying to investigate their new findings that can help to address astronaut vision issues. Retired astronaut Scott Kelly, NASA's Human Research Program, was also a part of the mission.

The Research Program was focused on comparing previous six-month mission findings to One-Year Mission preliminary findings.

Nutritional Biochemistry Lab lead Scott M. Smith, Ph.D., took a broad look at biochemistry.

Smith studied the astronaut diets along with protein, vitamin, mineral, and other chemicals in blood and urine to look for indicators of disease or other physiological changes.

The scientists’ team found that astronauts with vision issues had biochemical differences before ever leaving Earth as compared to astronauts without vision issues.

Subsequently, it was considered that low vision is an evidence of a genetic predisposition for some astronauts to develop vision and eye issues. The scientists have added that the study is one of its kinds because the team is near to their goals to solve vision issues, faced by astronauts. Additionally, the study is an important finding as NASA prepares for a human journey to Mars.

Content: www.sciencedaily.com

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