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Build Your Mental Strength with These Exercises

16 Jun 17

Achieving goals have become difficult with so many distractions these days. Building mental muscles are very important to persevere in whatever work one intends to do. These three exercises will help in building mental muscles stronger and sharper.

First is counting your blessings as studies have shown that people with gratitude are happy and can easily resist depressing conditions. Thus, one should stop thinking about burdens of life and count at least three blessings every day. Second is practicing mindfulness which is all about staying in the present and stop worrying about past and future. Thus, one should closely observe surroundings and listen to the unheard sounds of nature and one’s own body which will help in increasing concentration. The last one is act “as if” which means if you feel strong already then you’ll grow a little stronger. Research has also shown that acting confident increases the confidence of others in you.

Thus, do these three short exercises daily and it is going to consume less than five minutes but it will enhance and tone mental muscles. 

Content: www.psychologytoday.com

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Few Unknown Life Facts of Children’s Best Friend- Mr. Bean

24 Sep 17

All the children out there, how many of you missed Mr. Bean’s episodes? We expect none of you! Mr. Bean is a British sitcom created by Rowan Atkinson and Richard Curtis, produced by Tiger Asp ...
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Human V/S Robots at Workplace in Future

23 Sep 17

With rapid changes in technologies the machines are replacing men at workplace as they insure accuracy in work and saves time. A set of habitual behaviour, cognitions and emotional activities that ...
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Recording and Animating of Dreams Will Change Future

22 Sep 17

34th Annual Conference of the International Association was conducted in Anaheim, California. The conference was on the Study of Dreams. Inspiring researchers and clinicians who have wor ...
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'Slow Motion' Earthquakes in New Zealand

21 Sep 17

An Earthquake is a natural phenomenon that occurs when sudden energy is released by earth. It typically causes great destruction, as a result of movements within the earth's crust or volcanic actio ...
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A Balance Amount of Folic Acid to Lower the Risk of Autism

20 Sep 17

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