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Sekrenyi: An Angami Festival and Symbol of Sanctification

25 Jun 17

Sekrenyi is known as an important festival of the Angami tribe. It is also a symbol of consecration which ends after a 10 day’s celebration. This 10-day long festival is also called “Phousanyi”, the festival of purification that is generally celebrated in the month of February.

Two days earlier to the main festival firewood is collected as per the rituals. On the next day, animals are hunted in preparation for the meal. Next day the main celebration starts.

During the first phase of the preparation, known as Zukhophe, the males clean the wells outside the village only young and bachelor boys are allowed to do this work. As per the religious preparation, all the male participants clean their body and soul.

Then they fetch water from the same well for the women of the household as no one else is allowed to fetch water on that day. On their return from the well, the men each slaughter a chicken. There is also an old belief that only young boys are allowed to join in the Sekrenyi celebrations after they turn 6-7 years of age.

The next day of the festival people collects wild fruit to decorate their houses particularly the house of a common ancestor. Systematically, the third day they make bamboo meal. Making beautiful necklaces, singing traditional songs throughout the day makes this festival much interesting and lively.

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