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13 Jul 17

Dr Aparna Lal, lead researcher from The Australian National University (ANU) says that health researchers often were not included for discussing and planning about the emerging climate events.

She says that more collaboration between climate forecasters and health professionals ahead of extreme weather events and gradual climate change can help decrease instances of human parasitic infection (cryptosporidiosis). This infection spreads primarily through water in gradual climate change or extreme weather events.

The Indian Ocean Dipole is an important climate driver in the oceans around Australia. It is associated with patterns of a human parasitic infection spread primarily via water. And people who are most vulnerable to it are the elderly and children.

With the increase in frequency of positive Indian Ocean Dipole phases, much of Australia would experience drier conditions. And, with drier conditions, instances of disease increase than during normal conditions, as per reports.

Climate forecasters and health professionals should therefore work together to predict the commencement of these illnesses, recognize regions that get infected first, and identify the particular patient groups which are likely to be affected. This info should be used for public health preparedness and planning, she said.

By: Angel Robert

Content: www.sciencedaily.com

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