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22 Jul 17

Recent research has found that students benefit good grades when they have social and emotional skills like growth mindset, grit, and a sense of belonging to that school. So, research was carried out to find how educators can help them build these skills.

They found that educators are aware that it is important for students to possess strong emotional and social skills, and that they (educators) have to foster them. Several factors outside the school have a bearing on students' social and emotional learning, though it is unclear as to which factors have the biggest impacts. Thus, teachers and schools are not responsible for factors outside their control.

Social and emotional learning supports should not be formulaic approaches, rather they should be personalized to meet the different needs of students. It was reported by teachers that many educators do not know or have support to allocate time for aiding students develop these skills.

Having access to data regarding social emotional learning can help educators support their students. Using this data, schools should make available professional resources to educators so that they can facilitate their students’ emotional and social learning.

By: Angel

Content: www.sciencedaily.com


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