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Approach Any Problem with These 6 Thinking Hats

28 Jul 17

Edward de Bono designed these 6 thinking hats of different colors as a tool for group discussion and individual thinking. Six thinking hats could be used to first explore the problem, then develop a set of solutions and finally choose a solution after critical examination of solution set.

The Six colors are explained as:

  • Blue Hat: It has the direction of managing. It deals with what is the subject? What are we thinking about? What is the goal? Can look at the big picture.
  • White Hat: It is for considering available information.
  • Red Hat: It deals with the emotions part. It tells about intuitive or instinctive gut reactions or statements of emotional feelings.
  • Black Hat: It shows discernment. It guides the person with the logics applied. It helps to be more practical and realistic.
  • Yellow Hat: The optimistic yellow hat shows the person all the bright and sunny sides of a situation.
  • Green Hat: The creative green hat watches statements of provocation and investigation. It leads you think outside the box.

By: Bhavna Sharma

Content: wikipedia.org

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