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Solar System’s Last Habitable Planet Might Be Earth

07 Aug 17

It has been long theorized by scientists that when the sun begins to grow warmer, its extreme heat will make our earth uninhabitable on its own. The sun will grow hot enough to cause serious issues for Earth. At the very same time it will also result in warming some of the icy moons in our Solar System which might warm up enough to support life. 

The new research is doubted on the previous theories and suggested that searching a new place to live after Earth might force us to travel much farther. Jun Yang of Peking University led this new research which got published in Nature Geoscience. The research used computer models to know that how a star like our Sun would affect icy moons as it warms. The computer model studies point to a much different result rather than melting the outer layer of Jupiter’s moon Europa or Saturn’s Enceladus into oceans.

By: Bhavna Sharma

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