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Psychological Effects of Colors on Human Body and Nature

22 Aug 17

Many experts believe that the psychology of color is based on the mental and emotional effects. Moreover, there are some very subjective pieces to color psychology as well as some more accepted and proven elements. Color exerts stated that there will also be variations in understanding, meaning, and perception between different cultures.

Colors and our surrounding make an effect on our daily life. Colors are often associated with a person’s emotions. It is a fact that colors may influence a person’s mental or physical condition.

For instance, studies have shown that some people looking at the color red resulted in an increased heart rate, which then led to additional adrenaline being pumped into the bloodstream.

The art of Color Therapy commonly related to two main categories: warm and cool. Warm colors category includes red, yellow and orange – can spark a variety of emotions. On the Other hands, Cool colors – such as green, blue and purple – often spark feelings of calmness as well as sadness.

By: Priyanka Negi

Content: www.arttherapyblog.com

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