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Icy Moon Tethys Illuminated by Saturn Shine

28 Aug 17

Cassini Spacecraft captured the night side of icy moon Tethys that was illuminated by the shine of Saturn or by the sunlight reflection by Saturn. With respect to Cassini, Tethys was located far side of the Saturn. If an observer looks upward from the moon’s surface towards Cassini, then the observer could see Saturn’s illumined disk highlighting the sky.

Icy moon Tethys was illumined by a factor of two to raise its visibility. One can see a silver of the moon’s sunlit in Northern Hemisphere is seen at top. In the lower left, one can see a bright wedge of Saturn’s sunlit. This gaze is toward the sunlit side of the rings. This side is in particular about from 10 degrees above the ring plane. The image was captured in the visible light with the help of Cassini Spacecraft. The wide-angle camera of Cassini captured this image on 13th May, 2017. 56 miles (90 kilometers) per pixel was the image scale on Tethys.

By: Bhavna Sharma

Content: www.sciencedaily.com


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