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The deepest place on earth Mariana trench

28 Jun 16
Earth, a 4.5-billion-year-old planet, still evolving. As continents shift and clash and volcanoes erupt, the earth's crust is carved in numerous and fascinating ways.
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FIRE SAFETY RAP! (song for kids about fire safety, calling 911, etc...)

16 Jun 17

Educational Content:
- Always be prepared in case of a fire emergency (smoke detectors, escape plan, get out/stay out; CALL 9-1-1!

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How do rainbows form?

12 Jun 17

How do rainbows form? Our fun video for kids explains how they form and how to remember the colours of the rainbow!

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12 Things You Didn't Know About Mahatma Gandhi

08 Jun 17

12 Things You Didn't Know About Mahatma Gandhi, the great soul. He was not only an epitome of non-violence in India, but all over the world. He was a leader who had to power to bind large groups of people. It tore him apart when the nation broke in two on the day of independence.

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It's Never Too Late (No Regrets) Motivational Video

05 Jun 17

Many people fail to go after what they want in life because they think their best days are behind them. It's NEVER TOO LATE to create your best ever life. No matter what age you are, no matter how many past failures, it is NEVER TOO LATE.
It's NEVER TOO LATE because SUCCESS is all in the mind. You can define success however you like, so as long as you have the ability to control your mind you have the ability to create your best ever life.

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Time Management Tips // How to Get Organized for School/College!

03 Jun 17

Hello guys! With this video I show you how to manage your time in an effective way for school or college; how to get the most out of your planner or agenda and how to coordinate tasks, assignements to reach maximum productivity!

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