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15 Feb 17

Babies are often born with temporary blotches or pimples that soon disappear. Sometimes, these marks appear on their skin shortly after birth. These range from disfiguring to hardly noticeable. But, however they may be, they can be upsetting.

Birthmarks can be raised or flat; have different color shades; and have regular or irregular margins. There are the vascular birthmarks which result when blood vessels are not formed correctly; and the pigmented birthmarks which result when cells overgrow to create coloration in skin.

Birthmarks are usually harmless. But it is good to check a birthmark with a doctor to decide if it needs treatment.

These are not caused due to something done or not done during pregnancy. They are not stains of some food that the mother ate, either. The exact causative agent of birthmarks is still unknown.

If birthmarks are obvious, people may stare or ask questions about it. Even when they are young, children watch their parents’ response to such situations. This helps them cope with others’ reactions. So, be prepared with simple answers that let your children know that these are acceptable parts of their lives. It can as simple as “It’s only a birthmark.”

Content Source: https://kidshealth.org/en/parents/birthmarks.html?WT.ac=ctg#  

Image: http://www.beautyhelm.com/birthmarks/what-do-birthmark-mean-meaning/

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