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21 Feb 17

Previous studies have associated high fat consumption with the risk of cardiovascular diseases. But, the current study at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, US, analyzed 3,349 participants who were at high cardiovascular risk but free of diabetes. After a follow-up for four-and-half years, they found that, 266 of them developed diabetes.

Their findings also show that those who take 12 grams of butter per day are twice more susceptible to develop Type-2 diabetes.

This is because, saturated animal fat like butter and cheese have rich content of trans-fats and saturated fatty acids. However, whole-fat yogurt has a comparatively lower risk.

On the other hand, taking plant-based diets, rich in fruits, vegetables, whole-grain cereals, legume and nuts are beneficial for health than animal-based foods like processed meat and red meat. Further, the former also has a lesser impact on the environment than the latter.

Further, a Mediterranean diet, which is rich in fresh vegetables and fruits, lean proteins and healthy fats (such as olive oil), and low in saturated fats and refined sugars, is beneficial for preventing chronic diseases, especially Type-2 diabetes.

So, cut down your fat intake, and fill up on plant-based foods!

Content: http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/magazines/panache/love-having-butter-it-may-double-your-risk-of-diabetes/articleshow/57202807.cms

Image: http://www.foodnavigator.com/Science/A-picture-worth-a-thousand-calories-Fatty-food-images-may-trigger-hunger

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