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Global Warming and Its Affects on Sea Turtles

23 Feb 17

A recent study on global warming shows, certain changes in the environment affects the sea turtles along with other wildlife. Since the level of global warming has exceeded too many animals have naturally built an ability to adapt to such dramatic climate changes.

The biologists have also stated that these changes are predicted to cause the extinction of many species over the next few decades. Through the study, the scientists got to know that sea level rise from the melting of polar ice which is already contributing to the loss of beach and sea turtle nesting habitat.

An extreme change in the weather is also linked to climate change which means more frequent and severe storms which alters nesting beaches. These changes cause beach erosion and inundate, or flood sea turtle nests stated the scientists.

The scientists explained that the sand gets hotter because of increasing temperatures that results in decreased hatching rates or complete nest failure in turtles. The hotter sand temperatures also affect hatchlings by altering natural sex ratios.

Content: http://www.seeturtles.org/global-warming/

Image: http://www.worldwildlife.org/species/sea-turtle

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