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fMRI Headbands to Improve Conversations

10 Mar 17

Even in the greatest conversations, a loss of information takes place during exchange. The main issue is that the audience rarely understands what the speaker wants to covey.

The question is how to improve this exchange of thoughts and information?

Biomedical engineers of Drexel University collaborated with Princeton University to test functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI). fMRI is a wearable brain-imaging device. It helps in finding out how brains sync with each other when humans interact. This application uses light to measure neutral activity during real life situation and can be worn like a headband.

The traditional brain imaging has a limited approach and does not allow scanning brains of multiple people simultaneously.  This led the scientists to investigate whether fMRI would be a more effective way to explore ‘the brain to brain exchange’.

Studies show that this device can be used to measure brain synchronization during a conversation. This can help in studying everything from doctor-patient communication, to how people consume and comprehend the cable news. Today, communication is the key elements of all fields. Thus this tool would help us in getting richer information about brain and will be a huge technological advancement.

Content: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2017/02/170227082207.htm

Image: http://thelongandshort.org/machines/hooking-up-tdcs-brain-stimulation

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