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Pets: Super Best Friends of Children

18 Mar 17

A new study suggests that a child’s best companion is a family pet. It is reported that it’s easy for children to get along with a dog or a cat. They feel more comfortable in their relationships with pets than with their brothers and sisters.

Medical Xpress reported that pets have a positive influence on child development. It also enhances their social skills and well being. The reason that children feel secure with their pets is the fact they cannot talk or understand. Thus, it removes judgmental attitude and children feel loved.  The survey was performed upon 77 children of 12 years of age having at least one sibling at home and a pet.

The reports said that girls had more disclosure, companionship and conflict than boys. Reports also suggested that children will have balanced approach and psychology at later stage of their lives. Amongst pets, dogs were top favorite than cats in children.

Content: http://www.newser.com/story/237584/kids-like-dogs-better-than-siblings.html

Image: http://www.petsonbroadway.com/


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