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Practice Taekwondo to Stay Fit

02 Apr 17

Taekwondo is associated with learning self – defense and acquiring mental fitness. Practicing Taekwondo also offers children a lot of physical benefits. It helps in circulation of blood throughout the body. Thus it becomes one of the best cardio exercises. Parents are usually worried about their child’s sedentary lifestyle. Taekwondo is a helping hand for parents as its practice reduces obesity and helps in fat loss. Practicing Taekwondo just for 30 minutes every day will enhance physical fitness of children.

It strengthens muscles, bones, joints, tendons and ligaments- thus toning your muscles and increasing flexibility. Stamina is also improved. As your muscles are stronger and heart is active, your overall stamina gradually increases. Taekwondo also helps in relieving stress and reduces the intensity of physical ailments as muscle tension, headaches, and chronic pains. The child who practices it daily enjoys over all pleasures of mental and physical fitness.

Content source: emaxhealth.com

Image: http://karateatlanta.com/blog/how-taekwondo-can-help-your-child/

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Membership of the International Solar Alliance

16 Mar 18

The International Solar Alliance is an alliance of more than 121 countries, most of them being sunshine countries. The underlying motive is to enhance the scope of harnessing solar energy worldwide. Out of these 121 countries, 60 countries have signed the treaty and about 30 countries have ratified it. These countries lie either completely or partly between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. This alliance was launched based upon the sidelines of COP21 in November 2015 by Prime Minister Shri Narender Modi and the then French President Francois Hollande. Presently, discussions are going on regarding the expansion of membership of ISA to those countries that are situated beyond the tropics. It is speculated that PM Modi may make an official declaration concerning this expansion at the founding conference of ISA. Two more initiatives of ISA i.e., the solar storage and solar e-mobility, will be launched at the founding conference. Until now Korea, Germany, Nepal, Tunisia and Italy have shown great interest in becoming full fledged members of the ISA. It is high time that harnessing of solar energy takes place globally using advanced technology, especially in countries where it is not so easy.


By: Anuja Arora

Source: https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/industry/energy/power/international-solar-alliance-may-extend-its-membership/articleshow/63241695.cms?from=mdr

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Azlan Shah Cup-India No More in the Run

16 Mar 18

The Sultan Azlan Shah Cup is an annual international men's field hockey tournament held in Malaysia. It began in 1983 as a biennial contest. The tournament became an annual event after 1998 due to its growth and popularity. In the 2018, Azlan Shah Cup hockey tournament, the Indian team did not play very well in the first three matches. They lost against Olympic champions Argentina by 2-3; world champions Australia by 2-4; and drew against England by 1-1. Despite their not so good performance, the Indian team revived hope of doing well further in the tournament after their first victory against the host country Malaysia by 5-1. The Indian team was all focussed and determined to beat Ireland. India’s fate depended on a lot of factors. For India to be in the finals, it was necessary that Australia beats Argentina in the first match of the day, then India would beat Ireland by a big margin and then hope that the match between Malaysia and England ends in a draw. But all these dreams went in vain on Friday, March 9, 2018, when India lost against World No.10 Ireland. Meanwhile, world champions Australia and England have reached the finals. The final match was held on March 10, 2018 wherein Australia emerged as the ultimate winner by defeating England by 2–1.

By: Anuja Arora



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Walking Down Egypt, Nubia and Meroe

15 Mar 18

It has been observed that early humans migrated out of Africa approximately 60,000 years ago through Egypt, shows a present day study of genomes of north-east Africans.

The archeological site of Sedeinga in Sudan has the ruins of Egyptian temple of Queen Tiye. She was royal wife of Amenhotep III. This archeological site stretches more than 25 hectares and has the remains of hundred of tombs and about eighty brick pyramids. Many sepulchers have been unearthed that date back to the kingdoms of Napata and Meroe. It is through these artifacts that one can see a wonderful amalgamation of African designs with that of Egypt.

Pieces of decorated sandstones, lintels and steles depict the magnificence of Meroitic art associated with funerary. Pigments of blue color were discovered, and a lintel depicting Egyptian goddess of order, equity and peace known as ‘Maat’ was depicted with characteristics of an African woman.

An excavation in the late 2017 unearthed a stele named Lady Maliwarase, who was sister of two grand priest of Amon. Yet another lintel depicted name of Lady Adatalabe, who was of a prestigious lineage and belonged to the reigning family of Meroe.

These artifacts also depict the position the women held in those cultures. The Meroitic society had women who embodied the pride and prestige of their family and passed on the heritage of the family.

These wonderful discoveries enhance our knowledge and understanding of the Meroitic civilization which flourished and was an excellent intermingling of African and Egyptian culture.



By: Madhuchanda  Saxena

Content: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2018/03/180305093624.htm

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Gender Inequality and Sports

15 Mar 18

Gender inequality exists worldwide. Despite several international measures as well as measures taken by many countries of the world, it is still prevalent. Women face lot of discrimination in all spheres of life, family, education, work place and specially sports. Yet in an age when women are breaking out of the stereotypes especially in workplace, breaking the so called glass ceiling, they face lot of neglect and discrimination in the field of sports.

Let us take as an example Football. One of the most popular of female sports with a huge number of girls and women playing it worldwide, 30 millions approximately. Even in Brazil where football is like a religion women face lot of challenges when they pursue this sport. Women football legend Marta Vieira da Silva, record holder of most goals scorer at Women world cup, named five times as the world’s best female footballer, recollects how her family disapproved of her playing football as it was considered a man’s sport.

From 1941 to 1979 Brazil had a ban on women playing football. After the ban was lifted Pele had commented,’ Football can be a hobby, but not a real sport for women’.

It doesn’t stop here, despite Marta’s phenomenal achievement, girls in Brazil still struggle to pursue their favorite sport.  14 year old Laura Pigatin has to play in all boys team for lack of female teams of her age group. State officials had banned Laura twice from playing championship though her team had qualified.


By: Madhuchanda Saxena

Content: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-43198651

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Do's and Dont's of Parenting - Exam Phobia

14 Mar 18

If our educationalists and mentors would have aimed at  the cultivation of our mind and body and nurturing our innate qualities, there would have been much better results. Unfortunately academic knowledge are hardly aligned to corporate jobs. Hardly a handful of people would be there who follow their passion and attain ultimate success. But we cannot deny the fact that examinations are the gateway for success in our life.

Children these days not only undergoes through their own tension but also pressure from their parents. Parents on contrary have already gone through their own failures in life and create panicky catastrophising future of their children.

Parents often forget the fact that in the run of life, report cards lose their relevance. 'How many soldiers took part in the Battle of Panipat?' Or the synonyms of 'Ghar' or 'Kripan' hardly is of use in life.

If as parents, we do not support our children and give them the moral support at this crucial time, it will definitely leave a longtime scar in their memory lane.

As parents, it is very difficult to maintain the balance between strictness and rudeness. Rather than being judgmental on their results, we should try to appreciate the hard work, the effort that our children gave while preparing. Rather than leaving them disheartened with a bad result, we should boost their moral and support/assist them in taking major decisions of their lives.

In a nutshell, it's important to make our children responsible for whatever they decide in their life and be their strong pillars in life at the time of crisis.

By: Subrata Dey

Content: http://indianexpress.com/article/lifestyle/parenting/parenthesis-as-parents-how-do-you-tackle-the-exam-fever-5088414/

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