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The Heat is building up at 22nd RBCL

17 Aug 16

Day 9 of RBCL began on a fresh note after a four-day break. The players were enthusiastic as always and played diligently. The first match was between the host school, Ramjas School, R.K. Puram and D.P.S, Sushant Lok in the Senior Boys’ Category. The teams were close behind each other. It was a nail biting match with D.P.S, Sushant Lok winning the match by 5 points.

Mr. Pawan, the coach of the winning team said with pride “It feels great when your team wins. We were here to win. We are positive about the next match”

The second match was between Shiv Nadar, Noida and Bal Bharti Public School, Pitampura in the Junior Girls’ Category. The girls on both sides tough fight. Bal Bharti Public School, Pitampura won the match by a small margin of mere 3 points.

However, Mr. Nilambar, the Coach of B.P.P.S said that “I am feeling good and bad at the same time because we won the match but my players were not up to the mark as I had expected them to be”

The third match between G.D. Goenka, Vasant Kunj and Srijan School, Model Town, was in the junior boys’ category. It was a cakewalk for G.D. Goenka, Vasant Kunj who emerged victorious scoring 42 points more than their opponent.

The fourth match was between St. Mark, Meera Bagh and Heritage School, Rohini in the Senior Girls’ Category. After a long match, St. Mark won the match by 14 points.

Sanya, a player of ST. Mark  School commented that they felt “good” after winning the match and on being asked if she wanted to share some words of wisdom with the opponent teams, she said “I would only like to say that they played well but not better than us”

Then was the match between D.P.S, Mathura Road and Step by Step, Noida in the Junior Girls’ Category. Both the teams played very well and they were filled with great energy and enthusiasm. Step by Step, Noida won the match by 6 points.

The sixth match was between D.P. S, R.K. Puram and G.D. Goenka, Dwarka in the Senior Girls’ Category. This was a cakewalk for D.P.S, R.K. Puram as G.D. Goenka, Dwarka could not even score 5 points D.P.S, R.K. Puram won the match by 15 points.

Naima, Captain, D.P.S, R.K. Puram said “We were here to win and as I said we did. We come here often, it’s like a routine for us. We have improved our shooting skills this time.”

Ms. Sudeepa, Coach, D.P.S, R.K. Puram said “It feels good to win the match but I am very disappointed as the rival team was not up to the mark. Thereby, depriving my team of the opportunity to show the skills they had gained after hours of daily practise.”

The seventh match was between Heritage School, Rohini and Mayur Public School, I.P Extension in the Junior Boys’ Category. Mayur Public School, I.P Extension won the match by 19 points qualifying to the next level.

The eighth match between Bluebells, East of Kailash and New Green Fields School, Saket, was in the Senior Girls’ Category. New Green Fields School, Saket won the match by 14 points.

The ninth match for the day was between Tagore International School, Vasant Vihar and Oxford School, Vikaspuri in the Senior Boys Category.

The tenth match was between Father Agnels, Gautam Nagar and Bluebells International School, East of Kailash in the Junior Boys’ Category. The boys of Blue Bells School, East of Kailash defeated the boys of Father Agnels, Gautam Nagar after a tough long drawn match.

Indian School, Sadiq Nagar and Mount St. Mary, Delhi Cantt saw the Senior Girls of both the schools challenging each other to make it to the next round. After a round of sweat and focussed game, the girls of Mount St. Mary scored a victory over their opponent with a respectable margin.

The last match for the day was a tough fight between the Junior Boys of Vishal Bharti Public School, Paschim Vihar and the host school, Ramjas School, R.K.Puram. The game was a visual treat. The boys of Ramjas School, R.K.Puram displayed brilliant coordination and team work. Mr. Naresh, Physical Education teacher, Ramjas School, R.K.Puram made a special mention of three boys namely: Kartikey, Mihir and Ritesh praising them for their excellent skills as they never missed a basket.

It’s All about Wrestling- The Game of Power

25 Sep 17

Wrestling is a very ancient sport that was played in various parts of world. Usually it was known as a game to be fit and healthy. At the same time it was also used as a medium to express the authority and power and to punish the wrong doers. In India it is known as “Malla” “Dwandwa” “Dangal” etc. Wrestling is a combat sport that involves grappling type techniques. There are signs of this sport in Veda, the Babylonian and Egyptian civilisation. Presently there are gymnasiums and athletic clubs that present a regulated form of wrestling. It has also found its place in Olympic Games. It is being played by women too. There are Olympic disciplines such as: 1. Greco-Roman wrestling- In this form it is forbidden to hold the opponent below the belt, to make trips, and to actively use the legs in the execution of any action; 2. Freestyle wrestling- It is played by both men and women. This style allows the use of the wrestler's or his opponent's legs in offense and defense; 3. Amateur Pankration- It is a form of Martial Art; 4. Beach wrestling- It is standing wrestling done by wrestlers, inside a sand-filled circle. Its rules have been modified in 2015 that now allows wrestlers to score points through takedowns, pushing their opponent out of bounds, or bringing the opponent down to their back.

Content: en.wikipedia.org

By: Anita Aishvarya

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The Equation of Undular bore: Formation and Effects

25 Sep 17

“Undular bore” that is also known as Atmospheric Gravity Waves, is an event that occurs when a fluid or a gas is disturbed suddenly. It gives rise to a series of oscillations that propagate and spread. This kind of occurrence happens in various things like water waves and Plasma that are made-up of ionized gases with positively and negatively charged free particles. The same kind of situation occurs in our atmosphere.

We can see the Undular Waves through the amazing cloud formations. Usually low-level atmospheric stability is involved in the formation of Undular bores.  A new kind of equation has been formulated to understand what happens when an Undular bore occurs and spreads within two axes. When two air masses of different temperatures collide the Undular bores are formed. When a low level boundary such as a cold front or outflow boundary approaches a layer of cold, balanced and steady air, it causes disturbance in the atmosphere and produces a wave-like force, known as a gravity wave.

At first time in the 1960s, mathematician Gerald B. Whitham attempted to describe Undular bores. Since then research is continued to know its cause and effects. Researchers used the equations to study Undular bores whose wave height varies along only one of the two directions and still trying to apply the equations in distinguishing undular bores whose wave height changes along both axes.

Content: www.sciencedaily.com

By: Anita Aishvarya

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Kayaking: The Technique to Use a Kayak in the Moving Water

24 Sep 17

Kayak is a small and fine watercraft which is moved by means of a double-bladed paddle. The use of a Kayak in the moving water is called Kayaking. Many people confuse Kayaking with canoeing. However, canoeing is completely different from Kayaking.

While using a Kayak the peddler sits facing forward, legs in front, using a double-bladed paddle to pull front-to-back on one side and then the other in rotation. Moreover, most Kayaks have closed decks, although sit-on-top and inflatable kayaks are growing in popularity as well.

Kayaking is forever rewarding.  Anyone who wants to learn kayaking can easily learn the tricks because the basic skills can be learned in a day or so. However, one can have fun perfecting those basic skills and learning new ones for years. Kayaking as a hobby provides the basis for a health and fitness lifestyle. Additionally, it is a relaxing activity.

The best part of Kayaking is it can be pursued solo.  It is something one can spend a few hours enjoying.  Or one can challenge themselves to an expedition of days or even weeks. Kayaking has its health benefits too. As per the health experts, to move the kayak at about 5 mph is going to require about 0.1 hp of effort. This effort is going to use up about 400 calories per hour.  And so, four hours of paddling can burn up about 1600 calories.

Priyanka Negi

Content: Wikipedia.org

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Bathukamma: The Flower Festival of Telangana

24 Sep 17

Telangana is a beautiful southern Indian state, famous for its 16-century Mosque-Charminar and many other historical places. This state is also well-known for its flower festival that is known as Bathukamma. As per the Shalivahana calendar, Bathukamma comes in the latter half of the monsoon. There is a reason behind why this festival is celebrated before the onset of winter.

The monsoon rains usually bring plenty of water into the freshwater ponds of Telangana. Additionally, the rainwater also helps wildflowers to bloom in various vibrant colors all across the unplanted and barren plains of the region.

There are various flowers those blooms in this region such as the banti, chemanti, nandi-vardhanam etc. This cultural symbol of Telangana is celebrated by the women of Telangana, indicating the beauty of nature in vibrant colors of multitudinous flowers. During the event, women of Telangana celebrate the flowers that grow exclusively in the region.

Priyanka Negi

Content: Wikipedia.org

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The Growing Pattern of Basketball

23 Sep 17

Basketball is a home-grown American sport that was invented by Dr. James Naismith in 1891. It was invented to create a new game that could be played indoors to keep students involved and out of trouble during harsh winter season. It is played by more than 250 million people. Since its invention it has gone through innumerable variations.

The main variations in Basketball include: Water basketball, Wheelchair basketball, Slam ball, Beach basketball, and Street ball and Unicycle basketball. These are principle basketball sports having the variations on use of traditional basketball. An older version of basketball was Six-on-Six basketball played until late 1950s. It was played with six players each instead of five- three forwards and three as guards.

Netball is a ball sport and a limited-contact team sport in which two teams of seven players trying to score points just like in basketball. Netball was previously played by women but now includes men's teams as well. Water basketball is a sport with the rules of basketball and played in a swimming pool. Wheelchair basketball is played by people who are physically challenged and are on wheelchairs. Horse ball is a game played on the back of the horse where points are scored by shooting it through a basket (hoop). Other variations of Basketball are: Slam Ball; Street basketball; and Half-court. Despite of its variations the rules of Basketball are almost same.

Anita Aishvarya

Content: Wikipedia

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