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Closing Ceremony of RBCL

02 Sep 16

Ramjas Basketball Champions League – 3rd August 2016-31st August 2016-a whole month of excitement, energy and euphoria comes to an end today. The 22nd Ramjas Basketball Champions League through the 27 days had some nail biting moments, success stories and an amazing showcasing of team spirit and sportsmanship.

On the morning of 31st August, Ramjas School, R.K.Puram wore a festive look ablaze with a riot of vibrant colors. But, the rain Gods decided to bless us just then with a heavy downpour.  The heavy rain compelled us to shift our venue inside the hall. But all went well with the coordination between students and staff members.

The Chief Guest for the day was Honorable Chief Guest, Mr. Parvesh Sahib Singh, Member Parliament, Lok Sabha, West Delhi.

 The day began with cute cheering girls welcoming the Chief Guest with pom poms and balloons. The school captains escorted the chief guests to the dais. Mr.Devesh Gupta, Member, Managing Committee, Ramjas Foundation presented the Chief Guest with a token of gratitude.

Shri Parvesh Singh Ji, has been a member of the legislative assembly, NCT of Delhi. He has also been a member of the standing committee on urban development. He runs NGO’S namely Rashtriya Swabhiman and Gramin Swarabhiman. He has contributed towards rehabilating four villages in Odisha after the great cyclone and two villages in Gujarat after the earthquakes in 2000. He has also played sports such as lawn tennis, table tennis, football and volleyball in school and college levels.

Our first Guest of Honour for the day was Mr.Pradeep Sing, General Manager, Corporate Sports Division, ONGC, Delhi. He completed his Graduation from Ramjas College, Delhi University and M.Phil from Centre for Historical Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University. He played cricket for Ramjas College Cricket Team from 1973-1976.He is currently the president of Uttaranchal Cricket Association.

Our second Guest of Honour for the day was A.C.P, Delhi Police Shri. Ved Bhushan. He was posted in Cyprus under the United Nations program. He has been the SHO of Janakpuri, Pandav Nagar and Model Town. He completed his Graduation from Meerut University and LLB from ARSD College, Delhi University. Mr. Bhushan has also played cricket and football during his college years.

Our Special Guest for the day was Dr.Madhumati Singh. She is a Senior Psychologist for the past 25 years. She is a certified practitioner in the neurologist programming and training in quantum mechanics.Dr.Singh has been conducting various social programmes in many schools across the country.

Our Second Special Guest was Mr.Siddarth Chaudhary. He is the Founder and Chief Mentor, Gurgaon Road Runners, NCR’S largest fitness community. He is an ultra endurance athlete who ran 1480km at the Great India Run 2016. He is the recipient of many awards such as Quickie Marathon of the Year, 2016. He has also cycled 230 km spreading the message of cleaning environment through fitness. He is race director and founder of Juniorun, India’s earliest Multicity kids only running events.

The third Special Guest was Mr. Anil Sharma. He is the ex-MLA of R.K.Puram constituency, New Delhi. He has been the MCD councilor in the year 2007 and has also held the position of deputy mayor of Delhi from 2012-13.

The programme started with the lighting of the lamp followed by a melodious rendition of -“Waving Flag” by 100 students of Ramjas School. Then there was a Kathak Recital presented by the students of the host school.

The most unique feature of all was the introduction of the participating teams represented by the Student Council of Ramjas School, R.K.Puram.

The “ALL STAR TEAM” – comprising of the Best of Best from all the participating teams- could not play their match on account of the sudden downpour. The Members of “THE ALL STAR TEAM” were felicitated by Mr Siddharth Chowdhary.

This was followed by the Prize Distribution.

Mr.Devesh Gupta, Member, Managing Committee, said on this occasion, “It is a privilege to be here, sitting. I would like to congratulate Mrs.Rachna Pant, Principal, Ramjas School, R.K.Puram, for being the architect of RBCL and making it such a huge success and bringing it to such a height. Lastly I want to congratulate each and every player sitting here who has won prizes.”

Ms.Madhumati Singh said, “I would first congratulate every single one of you present here. Sports play a vital role in the development of a person .Every girl/boy present here should challenge himself/herself and not others and that’s how you become A Real Champion. God bless all the children and keep playing. I wish you all a brilliant future ahead. Be focused and determined towards your goal. Once more congratulations to all of you”

Mr.Siddarth Chaudhary said, “I am very glad to be a part of this ceremony. It is really awesome. The day started with rain but it didn’t stop us, thus, showing our determination towards this event .All I want to share is five words-FOCUS, CONSISTENCY, PASSION, WILL POWER and WANT. If we want to achieve something then we should have the will power and passion to tackle the problems that come with every responsibility and we should focus on our path. I would like to congratulate all of you for your achievements.”

Following this, Mrs. Rachna Pant, Principal, Ramjas School, R.K.Puram, presented the Vote of Thanks “I would like to thank all my teachers, staff members and students for making this event a grand success. From the core of my heart I would like to thank each one of you for being a part of this event. There were contributions of many noble hearts. I am very grateful to the honourable guests for coming today. A special thanks to ONGC who contributed towards the prizes. I am extremely thankful to Dr. Madhumati Singh and Anil Sharma for coming here and sharing some words of wisdom. I am very grateful to Siddarth Chaudhary who ran from India Gate to Gateway of India. The truth is that he ran from his heart, presence of such noble people will inspire the students. My energy is my teachers plus my students who made this event more energetic. I would like to thank all the principals of other schools for coming here. I would like to thank our sponsors and the DBA officials who worked silently to make this event a grand success. Thank you everyone.”The DBA officials were given tokens of appreciation.

The day  was wrapped up with the r national anthem.

Participation in sports is a huge achievement even if you don’t win it. It is a matter of team spirit and sportsmanship and not of winning and losing. Big hearty congratulations from Ramjas School to all the teams who won the tournament this year and to all who didn’t “don’t worry! There are many opportunities ahead .till then better luck next time….”

Have You Ever Heard About Wheelchair Tennis?

26 Sep 17

Wheelchair tennis is one of the kinds of tennis developed to be adapted for wheelchair users. Dimensions of courts, balls and rackets are same for both pedestrian tennis and wheelchair tennis. The two major differences in both of them are that athletes use specially designed wheelchairs in wheelchair tennis and the second one is that the ball may bounce up to two times.

The second bound of ball may also take place outside the court. It is played at Grand Slams and it is one of the sports to be organized in Paralympics. The game is played in three categories; Men, Women and Quads. Each category consists of singles and doubles tournaments. The category ‘Quads’ is for quadriplegic players and is sometimes known as Mixed at Paralympic Games. The Players of Quads make use of electric – powered wheelchairs and hold rackets taped to their hands.

The sports received popularity in 1976 by the efforts of Brad Perks who is the creator of competitive wheelchair tennis.

By: Bhavna Sharma

Content: en.wikipedia.org

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Paint Your Nails the Way You Love

26 Sep 17

The creative ways to paint, decorate, enhance and embellish the nails is all in Nail Art. It is a kind of artistic work which can be performed on fingernails and toenails. The exact birth of nail treatments is still not clear as it seem to have originated in different parts of world approximately around same time.

Ancient Egypt from 5,000 B.C. to 3,000 B.C. showed some evidences on women dying their nails with henna to display social status. Lower class women painted pastel and neutral shades while upper class women wore deep and bright shades. One will be surprised to know that around 3200 B.C., not women, but men painted their nails with black and green kohl which is an ancient cosmetic. Around same period, 3000 B.C., the first nail polish came out in ancient China.

Nail Care Industry is growing rapidly since the invention of modern day nail polish. The year 2012 gave birth to nail art in USA where its popularity reached peak. Same year released a short nail art documentary which was named as “NAILgasm”.

By: Bhavna Sharma

Content: en.wikipedia.org


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It’s All about Wrestling- The Game of Power

25 Sep 17

Wrestling is a very ancient sport that was played in various parts of world. Usually it was known as a game to be fit and healthy. At the same time it was also used as a medium to express the authority and power and to punish the wrong doers. In India it is known as “Malla” “Dwandwa” “Dangal” etc. Wrestling is a combat sport that involves grappling type techniques. There are signs of this sport in Veda, the Babylonian and Egyptian civilisation. Presently there are gymnasiums and athletic clubs that present a regulated form of wrestling. It has also found its place in Olympic Games. It is being played by women too. There are Olympic disciplines such as: 1. Greco-Roman wrestling- In this form it is forbidden to hold the opponent below the belt, to make trips, and to actively use the legs in the execution of any action; 2. Freestyle wrestling- It is played by both men and women. This style allows the use of the wrestler's or his opponent's legs in offense and defense; 3. Amateur Pankration- It is a form of Martial Art; 4. Beach wrestling- It is standing wrestling done by wrestlers, inside a sand-filled circle. Its rules have been modified in 2015 that now allows wrestlers to score points through takedowns, pushing their opponent out of bounds, or bringing the opponent down to their back.

Content: en.wikipedia.org

By: Anita Aishvarya

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The Equation of Undular bore: Formation and Effects

25 Sep 17

“Undular bore” that is also known as Atmospheric Gravity Waves, is an event that occurs when a fluid or a gas is disturbed suddenly. It gives rise to a series of oscillations that propagate and spread. This kind of occurrence happens in various things like water waves and Plasma that are made-up of ionized gases with positively and negatively charged free particles. The same kind of situation occurs in our atmosphere.

We can see the Undular Waves through the amazing cloud formations. Usually low-level atmospheric stability is involved in the formation of Undular bores.  A new kind of equation has been formulated to understand what happens when an Undular bore occurs and spreads within two axes. When two air masses of different temperatures collide the Undular bores are formed. When a low level boundary such as a cold front or outflow boundary approaches a layer of cold, balanced and steady air, it causes disturbance in the atmosphere and produces a wave-like force, known as a gravity wave.

At first time in the 1960s, mathematician Gerald B. Whitham attempted to describe Undular bores. Since then research is continued to know its cause and effects. Researchers used the equations to study Undular bores whose wave height varies along only one of the two directions and still trying to apply the equations in distinguishing undular bores whose wave height changes along both axes.

Content: www.sciencedaily.com

By: Anita Aishvarya

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Kayaking: The Technique to Use a Kayak in the Moving Water

24 Sep 17

Kayak is a small and fine watercraft which is moved by means of a double-bladed paddle. The use of a Kayak in the moving water is called Kayaking. Many people confuse Kayaking with canoeing. However, canoeing is completely different from Kayaking.

While using a Kayak the peddler sits facing forward, legs in front, using a double-bladed paddle to pull front-to-back on one side and then the other in rotation. Moreover, most Kayaks have closed decks, although sit-on-top and inflatable kayaks are growing in popularity as well.

Kayaking is forever rewarding.  Anyone who wants to learn kayaking can easily learn the tricks because the basic skills can be learned in a day or so. However, one can have fun perfecting those basic skills and learning new ones for years. Kayaking as a hobby provides the basis for a health and fitness lifestyle. Additionally, it is a relaxing activity.

The best part of Kayaking is it can be pursued solo.  It is something one can spend a few hours enjoying.  Or one can challenge themselves to an expedition of days or even weeks. Kayaking has its health benefits too. As per the health experts, to move the kayak at about 5 mph is going to require about 0.1 hp of effort. This effort is going to use up about 400 calories per hour.  And so, four hours of paddling can burn up about 1600 calories.

Priyanka Negi

Content: Wikipedia.org

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