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Pollution Affects Pulmonary Vascular Function

22 Dec 16

As per the report by Dr Jean-Francois Argacha, a cardiologist at the University Hospital (UZ) Brussels, Belgium, pollution is affecting the function of blood vessels. The cardiologist has claimed that the study as a unique report that has identified the manipulation of air pollution on pulmonary vascular function.

Experts have also suggested that this is a major health issue for people living in polluted urban areas.  Additionally, people living in urban areas avoid exercise, as exercise could damage the lungs and potentially lead to decompensate heart failure, said Dr Jean-Francois Argacha.

In a statement Dr Jean said, that promoting a safer environment is as important as controlling health risk factors, such as cholesterol and heart stroke. According to the expert health, awareness can help in reducing cardiovascular disease.

Air pollution contains particles and gases such as nitrogen dioxide, ozone, etc, explained the doctors. Beside the first vascular function that came in contact with air pollutants is the pulmonary flow. However, few studies have been investigated and worked on the impacts, stated the experts.

Content Source: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2016/12/161209100231.htm

Image: http://indianexpress.com/article/lifestyle/health/air-pollution-may-impair-function-of-blood-vessels-in-lungs-4421048/

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Jupiter Triangle: How To See It In the Night Sky This Month

23 Apr 18

There are always reasons to check out the night sky whether it's the blue moon or the meteor shower, this time it would be Jupiter triangle. It would be seen in the month of April 2018 when the gas giant Jupiter will be forming a rare and fleeting triangle with 2 bright stars to form a beautiful imagery in the night sky and it will be visible to the human eye. The term 'Jupiter's triangle' was coined by Joe Rao, astronomy lecturer at New York's Hayden Planetarium and columnist at Space.com as Jupiter will be seen as the brightest point. The triangle is going to be isosceles in shape and made up of stars Arcturus and Spica.

Arcturus is the 4th brightest star in the night sky and is close at 36.7 light years away from the sun. Spica is actually a binary system (system that has two stars) and is 260 light years away from the Earth. In night sky, these stars appears as a single bright point of light. The triangle can be seen by naked eye from around 11 pm local time in east-southeast direction. No specific tools are needed to see the triangle.

The triangle would be moving continuously throughout the month. The triangle and star will be 20 degrees apart by July 11 and will have a narrow appearance. The triangle will not appear in the night sky until 2030.

By: Neha Maheshwari

Content: https://www.sciencealert.com/jupiter-forms-a-triangle-in-the-night-sky-this-month-here-s-how-to-see-it

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European Space Agency spots a ‘space cat’ in Orion Constellation

21 Apr 18

European Space Agency has found a shape which looks much more like a being belonging to Earth than any of the constellations identified throughout history.It also resembles itself to ‘a fox, running with its mouth open and looking ahead, its vigilant eyes pointing to the right’.

It was spotted by the GAIA satellite, which launched in 2013 and is on a mission to build a 3D map of the Milky Way, our own galaxy. European Space Agency defined it as a black kitten with a white nose, paws in the front stretching towards the right of the frame and tail up towards the left.

This belongs to a dark nebula, a dense cloud of gas and dust in the constellation of Orion, the Hunter, with the cat’s nose (or fox’s eye) corresponding to the Orion Nebula Cluster, a star cluster near the famous Orion Nebula, M42,’ ESA wrote.


By: Swati Kaushal

Content: http://metro.co.uk/2018/04/04/european-space-agency-spots-bizarre-space-cat-constellation-orion-7440931/

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Punjab to have English Medium Schools

21 Apr 18

Punjab’s school education secretary has issued an order in schools to decide by their own whether they’re able to implement English as their primary language. The order states, 1886 middle, high and senior secondary schools are going for English as their medium of instruction from this session onward. The rule is not mandatory for students who are willing to continue in Punjabi.

The orders further read that the English-medium books are under printing and will reach the schools soon. Teachers have been instructed to “widely publicise’ the English-medium government schools and increase enrollment. Teachers will also undergo a training to teach in English medium.


By: Swati Kaushal

Content: https://www.indiatoday.in/education-today/news/story/punjab-government-schools-to-opt-english-as-their-medium-asked-to-decide-when-to-start-1206071-2018-04-06

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Diu Becomes First UT To Run 100% On Solar Power

20 Apr 18

The harnessing of solar energy has made Diu the country’s first energy surplus Union Territory and a model for an effective way for people to harness this renewable energy source. In just three years, Diu has made rapid progress in solar power generation. The Union territory has an area of just 42 square kilometres. Despite scarcity of land, solar power plants have been installed over more than 50 acres.

Diu generates a total of 13 megawatts of electricity from solar power generating facilities daily. Around 3 MW is generated by rooftop solar plants and 10 MW by its other solar power plants. Diu’s peak-time demand for electricity goes up to 7 MW and we generate about 10.5 MW of electricity from solar energy daily. This is way more than the consumption demand requirement,” Daman and Diu Electricity Department executive engineer Milind Ingle told a national daily.The solar power has also reduced the monthly electricity bills. Previously, the 0-50 units charge was Re 1.20 per unit and 50-100 units was Re 1.50 per unit, now the charges for1-100 units is Re 1.01 per unit. In places like Delhi, Chandigarh and other parts of Punjab, Rajasthan, Haryana power tariff charges are not less than Rs 4 per unit.


By: Swati Kaushal

Content: https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/industry/energy/power/indias-first-solar-powered-island-diu-is-setting-an-example-of-the-rest-of-the-country/articleshow/63660012.cms

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The Controversy Over the Death of Bose

22 Apr 18

For over many decades, there has been a mystery that has surrounded the death of Subhas Chandra Bose. Subhas Chandra Bose represented India in the fight for Independence. His contribution was no less than Gandhi and Nehru.

There are various stories regarding the death of Bose. Some believe that Bose survived the end of the Indian National Army, and fought alongside Japan against the British. But this belief has been challenged by documents and by witnesses over the years.The book Laid to Rest will most probably end all the rumours about Bose’s survival.

On August 18, 1945, Bose died in an airplane crash in Taipei. This was affirmed by documents from Taiwan and Japan, from India, the United Kingdom and from the Russian Federation. During the first few years of India’s independence, Bose was not allowed to die. Several commissions were appointed by the Indian government to study Bose’s death. The cause of Bose’s death was confirmed by Ashis Ray’s book. The most mind boggling question was -“what was the myth behind keeping Bose alive for years in China or the Soviet Union? The answer to this is that it was all done for political purposes in India.

Ashis Ray’s book and his reasoning and explanations solve all the mysteries behind Bose’s death. This book is one of the most credible piece of information because Bose’s daughter Anita Pfaff has written in her foreword that “the only consistent story about Netaji’s demise remains his death in a plane crash on 18 August 1945”.

By: Anuja Arora

Source: https://thewire.in/books/review-laying-the-controversy-over-subhas-chandra-boses-death-to-rest

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