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Daily Interactions with Toddlers Influenced By Gender

07 Jun 17

The scientists have uncovered the relationships of a daughter and father. The study has shown that a father’s relation with his daughter is totally different or a father’s brains respond differently to a daughter than a son.

Additionally, the researchers have also shaded the light on the statement that Daily interactions with toddlers may be influenced by gender, research finds.

According to a famous magazine, “fathers of toddlers also sang more often to their daughters and spoke more openly about emotions, including sadness”. According to the magazine, the emotions of daughters are more accepting of girls' feelings than boys' to fathers.

The scientists have also added that the father & son’s relationship is more rough-and-tumble play and used more achievement-related language when talking to their sons.

However, on the other hand, fathers of daughters used more analytical language (e.g., words such as all, below and much), which has been linked to future educational success. The scientists also added that when if the child cries out or asks for Dad, fathers of daughters responded to that more than did fathers of sons.

Content: www.sciencedaily.com

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The “Pocket Dynamo” K.D. Jadhav

18 Dec 17

Mr. KD Jadhav who is well known as the name “Pocket Dynamo” is not a common name in the Olympic world. He was the first ever Indian Olympic medalist in an individual sport category who had won the medal when he was only 27 years old.

He belongs to a very small town Goleshwar in Satara district of Maharashtra. He was born in 1926. Physically he was very short in height and had a lean physique. Even then he has a track record of fighting with wrestlers much bigger in size and defeating them in a few minutes. Flyweight champion Niranjan Das was one of the people having bigger size and weight. Despite that KD Jadhav defeated him of 3-0 and qualified for 1948 London Olympics. After a long hard work Jadhav, achieved the first Olympic Medal in 1952 Helsinki Olympics in individual category. He became a sub-inspector in the Maharashtra and served India for 28 years. Jadhav is a live example of dedication and hard work. Being inspired by Jadhav People of Goleshwar built a five rings interlock Olympic sculpture at a public square there. He is one of the icons among the many great Indian wrestlers who have added to the great heritage in India which has always been carried forward by heroes like him. India has a glorious history of wrestling that has always motivated others and made the country proud.

By: Anita Aishvarya

Content: http://www.kreedon.com/k-d-jadhav-first-indian-olympic-medalist/

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A New Way To Develop 3-D Electronic Devices

18 Dec 17

We are living in the era of science and technology. Each and every day we come through various inventions. Going a step ahead, scientist has invented electronic applications such as a three-dimensional electron lens and electronic invisibility devices.

The researchers are using Weyl metamaterials, a generalization of Weyl semimetals that has the capacity to enable new types of electronic devices through geometry engineering process. It offers a route to make the charge carriers move providing a tabletop laboratory for simulating curved-space quantum physics and specific cosmological incident. These charge carriers behave like massless particles that are moving at the speed of light. It reflects the special theory of relativity of Einstein. This experiment has opened the new way to fundamentally new electronics applications, such as the developing of electronic invisibility devices that can be possible after this stage. An artificially developed curved geometry, which bends the motion of charge carriers in a much managed manner, is the key idea behind this potential future application. It is going to bring a revolution to achieve a similar functionality in electronic systems. In this functionality of optical invisibility equipment, it has been found that the ray of light bypasses through a hidden object. The theory is based on the theory of curved-space geometry.

By: Anita Aishvarya

Content: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2017/11/171107113158.htm


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Highest National Recognition for Outstanding Performance in Sports: Arjuna Award

17 Dec 17

The Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India give this prestigious Arjuna Awards to outstanding sports personalities to recognize their achievements and contributions in the National Sports. It was instituted in 1961 and the award carries a cash prize worth rupees five lakhs, a bronze statue of Arjuna and a scroll.

The scope of the award has been expanded over years. A large number of sports people who belonged the pre – Arjuna Award period were also included in the list. Moreover, the number of award disciplines was increased and it included indigenous games and the physically handicapped category. The guidelines have been revised for Arjuna Award. As per the revised instructions, a person is eligible for the award if the sportsperson not only have had good performance consistently for the past four years at the international level but should have displayed leadership, sportsmanship and a sense of discipline too.

By: Bhavna Sharma

Content: en.wikipedia.org


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The Tulip Festival in Srinagar Will Catch All Your Attention

17 Dec 17

People of India are really fascinated by the festivals of flowers. Tulip Festival is one of the most popular festivals in India. The festival is magnificent and it is great way to capture the flowering tulips of Kashmir. It is also a fact that Srinagar has Asia’s largest tulip garden.

The spectacular festival displays a large variety of tulips. Just to catch the sight of these beautiful tulips, huge number of tourists comes to Srinagar every year. Apart from this, the festival also include a number of cultural programs, sale of local handicrafts, Kashmiri handicrafts, Kashmiri folk songs and other forms of art. If one visits this festival, then do not forget to taste the traditional cultural Kashmiri cuisine. The beautiful Tulip Festival is held in Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden in Srinagar, Kashmir. It is located in the foothills of Zabarwan range. One can have a view of Dal Lake from there as it offers a breathtaking sight.

By: Bhavna Sharma

Content: www.indianholiday.com


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Dragon Capsule: The Launch

16 Dec 17

The eve of the launch of the Dragon Capsule on Falcon 9 saw NASA and SpaceX prepared and ready for the risk that was to be taken in the mission. The Falcon 9 was scheduled to lift off at 11:46am from the Space Launch complex at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. It was the first launch from that pad after it was repaired following the 2016 pad explosion.

SpaceX on December 11 announced that it was delaying the launch to provide additional time for the pre-launch ground system checks. The launch was then scheduled for 11:24 am at a projection of 80 degrees. The Dragon carried 2,205 kg of cargo that included the crew, supplies, hardware etc.

This is the 13th mission in the SpaceX’s commercial resupply services contract that it had made with NASA.

By: Srishti Anand

Content: http://spacenews.com/nasa-sees-equivalent-risk-of-flying-reused-spacex-booster/


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