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Ashokavadana Will Tell You Everything About “Ashoka: The Great”

28 Jul 17

The description about the birth and reign of Mauryan Emperor Ashoka is described in an Indian – Sanskrit language text called Ashokavadana. It consist everything about legends and historical narratives. It glorified the greatness of Ashoka as a Buddhist emperor who aimed to spread Buddhism far and wide.

Divyavadana is an anthology of many Buddhist legends and narratives and it contains one of the avadana texts as Ashokavadana. Jean Przyluski told that according to him, text was composed by Buddhist monks of Mathura region.  This is because the text highly praises the city of Mathura, its monasteries and monks living there. It is also known as Ashokrajavadana. Fa Hien translated this text into Chinese language in 300 CE as A-yu wang chuan. And later, it was translated in 500 CE as A-yu- wang chuan. It was also translated in French language by Jean Przyluski in 1923 and in English language by John S. Strong in 1983.

By: Bhavna Sharma

Content: en.wikipedia.org


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Adolescent, Hormones and Social Behavior

25 Apr 18

Before we start delving into the hormones that have a lot to do with our emotions and moods let us first understand the difference between “Puberty” and “Adolescence”. Puberty is a physical process where a child’s body changes and matures into an adult capable of sexual reproduction. Adolescence is an evolving stage of physical and psychological development that generally happens during puberty till the adulthood.

There is lot of change in the behavior of a teenager and most often these behaviors, like aggression, high risk behavior are often associated with the surging hormones that send the signals from the brain to the gonads, or the sex glands. These hormones signal the brain which in turn stimulates the sexual desire. Mostly these behavioral changes have been attributed to puberty and the changing hormones. However, adolescent behavior is not just an act of surging hormones but it also depends on the person’s psychological, social, educational environment. It also differs from country to country depending upon the prevalent culture there. Adolescence is the time when apart from the physical changes a person’s ability to think abstractly and multi-dimensionally increases. A time of increased independence allowed by the family and the society, new privileges’ like driving license, voting, finishing certain levels of education, etc. An experiment on hamsters, showed behavioral changes were similar in hamsters that attained puberty at different times. This also points to the fact our thoughts about pubertal hormones responsible for the changes are not entirely correct. Understanding the underlying mechanism will help us understand the reason behind several mental disorders that arise during this crucial period of life.


By: Madhuchanda Saxena

Content: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2018/03/180319155723.htm




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Manzoor Dar: Kashmir To IPL

25 Apr 18

Sports persons in India always had an uphill battle to fight. From legendary Milkha Singh to Mary Kom or Irfan Pathan, who come from humble origins, had to fight their way through severe hardships, and sacrifices both by the player and his or her family to make it to the big circuit. However, hard work, determination and dedication make one reach the goal, the spirit of a true blue sports person.

Kashmir is yet another story all together. Once a paradise on Earth now the people are caught between cross hairs of a never ending chaotic unrest. This has affected the common people in all spheres of life and sports is the most hit. Though sports can be a great stress buster for the youths of the state yet few are able to sustain amidst the prevailing conditions One person who stood apart in the crowd is Manzoor Dar. Coming from Bandipora, usually in the news for the wrong reasons, the small village of Shigan Pora is now in news, for a boy from this village struggled his way to the IPL team. It is a story of great perseverance and hardship. Manzoor, eldest of 12 children had to eke out a living as security guard and woodcutter to meet his family expenses. As the eldest he had the responsibility to see that all his siblings were able to go to school and he pursue his passion for cricket. He made it to the Kings XI Punjab team for which he was paid 20 lakhs. Fortune favors those who defy adversities and persevere.


By: Madhuchanda Saxena

Content: https://www.scoopwhoop.com/manzoor-dar-ipl-story


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Mexican Books, Photography: Sonoma Valley Students Art

24 Apr 18


Sonoma Valley in San Francisco is a major wine producing region. It is a beautiful region where wine, gourmet food, art and culture come together. Sonoma valley has festivals and events lining up its calendar throughout the year, one of which is the Sonoma International Film festival.

Sonoma Valley Art Museum is located close towards the south of Sonoma Town Plaza. The museum showcases modern and contemporary art on a rotational basis throughout the year. The museum has an impressive history of exhibiting shows featuring works of great artist like Picasso, Rembrandt and Goya. They also featured contemporary painter like David Hockney and visual artist Sandow Birk. Most of the exhibitions in this museum are displayed for about 2 to 3 months. The museum is also a community gathering place for lectures, workshops, classes and celebrations. Since it was founded in 1999 Sonoma museum has welcomed more than 130,000 visitors to its more than 70 exhibitions that showcased local, regional, national and international artists. The museum encourages artist across all medium. It also has close association with all the local schools and supports arts programs for students in these schools. In November 2017, a team of 9 art teachers along with more than 750 fourth and fifth grade students embarked on a journey to develop art project for Sonoma Valley Art museum. They created a wonderful tapestry of art based and inspired by the current theme of “Libros de Artista”: Artists books from Mexico and the Mexican Diaspora and “An Eye for Adventure”: Photographs by Jack London.



By: Madhuchanda Saxena

Content: http://www.sonomanews.com/news/8179652-181/students-create-art-inspired-by

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Rafael Nadal: Tennis Academy In Boca Raton

24 Apr 18

Rafael “Rafa” Nadal Parera was born in the 3rd of June, 1986 in Manacor, Spain. He is currently ranked World’s Number1 in men’s singles professional Tennis by the Association of tennis professionals. Known as “King of Clay”, he is regarded as the greatest amongst the clay court players of tennis. Rafael Nadal has won 16 Grand Slam single titles, 30 ATP World Tour Masters 1000 titles, 19 ATP World Tour 500 tournaments, 10 French Open Titles, 3 US open Titles, 2 Wimbledon Titles, 1 Australian Open Title and 2008 Olympic Singles Gold Medal. In 2011, Rafael Nadal was named The Laureus World Sportsman of the Year.

Rafael Nadal has a foundation named Fundacion Rafal Nadal, which undertakes several philanthropic works and is headed by his mother Anna Maria Parera. Rafal Nadal has a tennis academy for underprivileged children at Anantapur Sports Village in the Anantapur City of Andhra Pradesh. Now Rafal Nadal is working on bringing a sprawling Tennis Academy at Patch reef Park in Boca Raton. This will be his first Academy outside his hometown of Manacor, Spain. The plan is to make Patch reef Park into an all encompassing Tennis complex with at least 37 indoor courts, facilities for teaching and tournaments as well. Rafal Nadal’s Tennis Academy in Mallorca, Spain guarantees best coaches and best technical team in Tennis field. The Academy combines tennis and education to ensure that the aspiring players don’t miss out on their academic progress. However, the new Academy in Boca Raton has drawn an outcry as the park is meant for public use.


By: Madhuchanda Saxena

Content: http://www.sun-sentinel.com/local/palm-beach/boca-raton/fl-reg-nadal-academy-04062018-story.html

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New York To Spend $6M Each Year on Computer Training For Teachers

23 Apr 18

New York State is making a total of 6 million dollars investment in computer training for teachers. This sum of money comes as a part of a 5 year 30 million dollar program to augment the computer science education at all the levels of public schooling. This was a part of the state budget deal that was approved by the lawmakers last month.

On Monday Democratic Government Andrew Cuomo hailed the funding and made it one of the nation's largest commitment to the field of computer science education. The steps come in to improve the children's future and to provide them the knowledge and education that they deserve.

Andrew Cuomo is serving as the current governor of the New York City and has held the position as the 56th governor since 2011. According to Andrew Cuomo, this funding and dedication to the field of computer science will most certainly help the future generation. The state's decision and work will sure help school children in receiving the school education that they need to complete for coming job market.

The money will help in training the computer science teachers. The first grants from the total sum will go to the elementary and middle school as well as the districts. This section of kids is in the greatest need of proper funding right now.


By: Neha Maheshwari

Content: https://phys.org/news/2018-04-ny-6m-year-teachers.html

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