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Azharuddin Questioned Resting Tactics of Indian Team Management

13 Sep 17

A new question has been raised related to the ‘resting’ of top spinners R Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja. Statistics told that they have played lesser ODIs. Thus, they have lesser impact over subsequent tournaments/matches. Former Indian captain Mohammad Azharuddin has questioned the ‘resting’ tactics of Indian team management in a crucial home series against the Australian Cricket team.

Azhar told the reporters that he understands that both of them were rested for the Sri Lankan series. But now, when Indian team is playing against a strong team like Australia, then team should use their best spinners. He also added that Ashwin and Jadeja must have been given an opportunity to play the Australian series. It has been known to everyone that Ashwin has not displayed good form in shorter version and Jadeja too didn’t make it to the ODI                squad.

Azhar said that if he were a captain this time, then he would surely make Ashwin and Jadeja play the Australian Series.

By: Bhavna Sharma

Content: timesofindia.indiatimes.com

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Oklahoma Sooners’ Defeat Made The Way Difficult to NCAA Tournament

23 Feb 18

On February 17, 2018, Oklahoma Sooners were defeated by Texas Longhorns team at Lloyd Noble Center in Norman, Oklahoma. Oklahoma Sooners were defeated by 77-66. The team of Oklahoma never led in the game and the Sooners fell by scoring only 104-74 to the rank of No. 8.

Monday night brought sadness to Oklahoma Sooners. Among its best players the Jayhawks hit 16 threes while, Trae Young scored the lowest score of his entire career i.e. 11 points. This is the Sooners' worst loss in the present season. It is a matter of concern for the Oklahoma as NCAA Tournament is going to start very soon and Oklahoma is at present only at 6-9. It has next to play with Baylor senior from DeSoto who has won its match with a big margin by 59-57 win over No. 7 Texas Tech team. Trae Young’s again proved inefficient in creating offense for himself; that is also a big issue for sooners. He could make out just 1-for-5 from 3 point range. At the same time he also missed several layups in the first half of the match. 16 out of 29 three points’ attempts were made by Jayhawks in which 60% were from the field itself. Three regular season games are remaining. If Oklahoma has to reach to the NCAA Tournament then they will have to win at least two out of those three games. The Journey towards NCAA Tournament has got even more difficult for them.

By- Anita Aishvarya

Content: https://sportsday.dallasnews.com/college-sports/collegesports/2018/02/19/oklahoma-vs-kansas-basketball-live-updates-2


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NASA is All Set to Launch its Ambitious Space Mission

23 Feb 18

The current version of the SpaceXFalcon 9 has been certified by NASA. It is being considered as very important for launching the delayed and most awaited aircrafts. In the 2019 fiscal year budget proposal that was released on February 14, 2018 by NASA, the certification was announced.

At the same time NASA also announced that the ‘Category 2’ certification of the SpaceX Falcon 9 ‘Full Thrust’ with LSP will support the launch of the NASA Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) mission that is expected to be held in March 2018. The certification covers the missions of “medium risk” and one and three consecutive successful missions are required for that.  The launch of TESS could not be completed without its certification. The certification was pending since a long period of time and was a major cause of concern and many doubts were raised about that. Even after the certification of Falcon 9, TESS will not be launched in March due to additional time required for hardware preparation and to fulfill NASA launch service mission requirement.  Tess will be launched into an elliptical orbit is in a 2:1 resonance with the moon. It will do the full sky survey and look for exoplanets around the brightest stars. It is expected that it will bring us some more interesting information about them.

By: Anita Aishvarya

Content: http://spacenews.com/nasa-certifies-falcon-9-for-science-missions/












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Oregon's Research Team Finds Trails of Columbian Mammoths

22 Feb 18

Lake County, Oregon's public lands has a fossilized trackway that can potentially reveal clues about the ancient family dynamics of the Columbian mammoths. A team of researchers from the University of Oregon Museum of Natural and Cultural History excavated a trackway that includes 117 footprints of juvenile as well as infant mammoths. This Ice age trackway discovered by the paleontologist of Museum of Natural and Cultural History Greg Retallack during 2014 class field trip on fossils at UO. It is the focus of the new study appearing in the Journal Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology.

When the study's co authors revisited the site along with Greg Retallack and UO Science librarian Dean Walton in 2017, they found a 20-footprint track which dated roughly to 43,000 years ago. The track exhibited some intriguing features. Retallack said that these trace fossils in the form of trackways can provide distinctive insights into the natural history. Tracks are great to decipher so much about any ancient creatures than their bones, most importantly their behaviour. It is exciting to see this kind of interaction being preserved in the fossil record. Most of the mammoths were extinct to be around 11,500 years ago but there were some isolated Arctic island populations of the woolly mammoth that existed until 4,000 years ago.

By: Neha Maheshwari

Content: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2018/02/180212160905.htm

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Wigan will Probe Sergio Aguero's Clash with Fans

22 Feb 18

Manchester City striker, Sergio Aguero was involved in a heated clash with a Wigan fan after their shock defeat that led to their FA Cup exit. There were angry scenes since the start of the match. The first half of the football match saw some angry scenes in the tunnel and on the pitch between managers Pep Guardiola and Paul Cook after a straight red card was shown after Fabian Delph challenge on Max power. There was an invasion of the pitch at the end of the match by both over excited fans of Wigan and sad fans of Manchester City. It would have been okay had the players have already left the pitch. But, they didn't.

The police were trying to restore the order when the angry City fans began throwing objects over through the perimeter fence and by the time the police were able to restore order, they were ripping off the advertising hoardings and flipping them towards the police and the stewards. Both the managers denied to speak about any ugly scenes on the pitch at the end and both of them claimed to have not seen the Aguero incident. But, it is now highly possible that Wigan will face an FA charge as they failed to control their supporters. Manchester City is considering a formal complaint over their players being placed in danger. It is very difficult to overshadow these events on the pitch as Manchester lost to Wigan third time in six years. It is a big surprise because City is at the top of the Premier League and Wigan is now in League One. Manchester City will face Arsenal on the weekend in the Carabao Cup Final.

By: Neha Maheshwari

Content: http://www.skysports.com/football/news/34651/11258494/sergio-aguero-involved-in-altercation-as-manchester-city-lose-to-wigan

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Five Lessons to Learn for Parenting in Digital Age

21 Feb 18

Parenting can be a little tough in the digital era because the internet and the devices that encompass our day-to-day life can lead to negative development patterns in kids when not utilized properly. Here are some tips to get through parenting in digital age:

  • Set Rules and Boundaries: When children have their digital devices always, it can kind of hamper the development of social interaction with others. So, it is best that you make some time for the devices and the internet. Do not allow them to use devices at the dining table, in the park, while you are at a gathering with family and friends, etc.
  • Jump into Positive Things: Do not get all negative about the digital devices used by your kid. If used in the right manner, they can help with the kid's development. Try to use them for positive experiences like educational videos or talking to a family member who lives far away.
  • Make Use of Parental Controls: Most of the devices, apps and games come with an inbuilt parental control. Make good use of them.
  • Communicate: There is nothing better than communication when it comes to device control. Talk to them about both the positives and negatives, tell them why it is important to use it but in a controlled manner.
  • Keep up with the Current Technology: It is essential that you keep up with all the latest trends like apps, devices, etc. so as to make sure you know what your kids are exposed to.


By: Neha Maheshwari

Content: http://www.thejakartapost.com/life/2018/02/15/seven-parenting-tips-in-the-digital-era.html

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