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Follow These Rules of Half-Court Basketball

24 Jun 17

When players in a basketball teams are less than 10 then they can go for half court pickup. In full court both teams shoot at different baskets but in half court both teams have to shoot at same basket. No jump ball is required in half-court Basketball.

The ball needs to be ‘taken back’ after each missed shot as both the teams are sharing the same basket. It also depends on with whom you are playing as the ball need not have to be cleared if it does not hit the rim. If your team baskets and your player do not miss a shot then you can keep the ball again with you until your team does not miss a shot. It also depends on the competition level as alternate possessions can be made after every basket.

Check the ball on the foul line area by passing the ball to the defensive player after a made basket or a dead ball situation. The player will toss it back to you to indicate that the ball is in play.

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Humans Have To Vacate Earth to Survive another Million Years

24 Jun 17

The countries are urged by British Physicist Stephen Hawking to send astronauts in space. He urged them to send astronauts to moon by the year 2020 and to Mars by the year 2025. This is going to uplift humanity according to him.

He also suggested that space agencies should settle a lunar base in next 30 years. If humans need to survive for another million years then they need to leave Earth. At the Starmus Festival in Norway, Hawking said that this goal would unite competitive nations to a single goal which is common challenge for all.

Hawking believes that there is no long term future of our species living on Earth. The Earth would be hit by an asteroid or it would be swallowed by our own Sun. He added that going and travelling to another world would “elevate humanity”. 

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India Beats Pakistan 7-1 in Hockey World League Semi-Final 2017

23 Jun 17

Team Indian all set for the quarterfinal berth in the tournament with 9 points from three wins. As per the reports, India thrashed arch-rivals Pakistan 7-1 in the Hockey World League Semi-Final 2017. Through the victory, the team has earned their third straight win in the tournament. Additionally, Pakistan has remained sixth with no points, where India maintained their top spot in Group B (nine points from three wins).

After achieving the victory India still has to play the finals tournament with The Netherlands. On the other hand, team Pakistan will face team Scotland during the finals tournament. Earlier, India had defeated Scotland 4-1 and Canada 3-0 and Sunday's win ensured their unbeaten run in the tournament.

Earlier it was Pakistan who made a bright start but their domination lasted only the first 10 minutes. Pakistan had earned a penalty corner during their first shot. However, the effort sailed over the bar. As the match progressed, India started to control the proceedings with Pakistan playing a catch-up game.

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Uncovered History of Jerusalem Tower Discovered

23 Jun 17

According to the archaeologists at the Weizmann Institute of Science, the Jerusalem Tower is younger than previously thought. As per the recent discovery, the stones at the base of the tower were laid nearly 1,000 years later. However, it was previously believed to be assigned at 1,700 BCE by the researchers.

The archaeologists provided with conclusive evidence along with other things. The new results also highlight the contribution of advanced scientific dating methods to understand the history of the region. The recent research has led by Dr Elisabetta Boaretto Head of the Weizmann Institute of Science's D-REAMS Radiocarbon Dating Laboratory.

The team of researchers from D-REAMS lab began by planning and executing the field sampling and excavation from the beginning, together with the site archaeologists. Dr Boaretto also added that "Getting one's hands dirty is all part of building a reliable chronology". During the excavation, the lead researcher found several clearly-delineated strata. After that, the researchers carefully collected remains of charcoal, seeds and bones -- an organic matter that can be definitively dated through radiocarbon dating.

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Donating Old Ski Jackets to People in Need

22 Jun 17

In United States, resorts are donating old ski jackets in charity to provide warmth to needy people. The National Ski Areas Association’s Sharing Warmth Around The Globe (SWAG) has delivered around 265,000 jackets and various other things for the good causes. They did this worldwide from Tanzania to Tibet.

The person behind this idea is Cheryl Jensen whose husband ‘Bill’ became the CEO of Vail Resorts in 1999. Vail took out 12,000 of its outdated staff uniforms that included ski jackets and trousers. The very first round of ski jackets was donated to displaced families in Kosovo in the year 2000. The next step by Cheryl was to list out all resorts that could donate for the project. The NSAA coordinated with the resorts around the USA for the collection of ski jackets.

This program helped 24 different countries and benefitted a lot of people. A social care foundation in Poland and rangers in Mongolia’s national parks were helped by providing old ski jackets.

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