Types of Cricket Ball
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Types of Cricket Ball

The making of a cricket ball requires a lot of efforts and hard work which starts with the woodcutters. The ball is then shipped to the manufacturing factory where craftsmen work for hours and hours to give the required shape to the ball.

The sole essence of a cricket ball is cork, regardless of whatever the outer leather of a ball may look like. The cork is skillfully cut and wound tightly by strings to hold them together. A closer look at the ball suggests there are 6 stitches around the equator, 3 on either half but so neatly stitched that we cannot see the hemispheres individually.

The International Cricket Ball: Red, White and Pink

Balls used for International matches are available in three variants. The ball market is single handedly dominated by 3 different manufacturing companies (SG, Kookaburra and Dukes) since years. The most famous of them all is Kookaburra, made in Australia. Kookaburra supplies the white ball for ODIs and T-20s, while the Dukes supplies the red ones for test matches played in England and West Indies. The Meerut- based company, Sanspareils Greenlands, better known as SG manufactures test balls for use in India. The pink ball is still to make its mark at the international level but has been used in different first- class leagues.

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