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Fine arts are the study of drawing, sculpting, painting,architecture and theater. Fine arts are an art form practiced mainly for itsaesthetic value. Students who take up fine arts as a course become artists andfollow practices that are aligned to the making of art.

Career Options

  • Art Studios
  • Advertising companies
  • Publishing houses
  • Product design
  • Magazines
  • Television
  • Graphic arts
  • Teaching
  • Theater productions

Educational Qualifications

Personal Skills

Courses to be pursued

Top Colleges

Working Conditions

Top Companies

Successful Persons

Ashwani from Delhi

He is a graphic designer, illustrator, 2D animator but foremost and quite simply, an artist and a social innovator. In the last few years he definitely committed himself to street art and urban product design, creating some unique and quirky products related to sanitation as giveaways to his contributors

Nalini Malani

she is one of those artists whose paintings depicted social and political issues influenced from her experiences as a refugee during the partition of India. She has been innovative in accommodating new mediums with her work. She has established herself as a multimedia artist and always tries to sync the modern technology with conventional style of painting.

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