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Insurance Consultant

An insurance agent involves a person who represents an insurance firm and sells insurance policies on its behalf. A person or firm which acts as an intermediary in bringing together clients seeking INSURANCE cover and INSURANCE COMPANIES offering suitable policies. In some cases the agent may simply introduce the two parties to each other and receive a commission from the insurance company; or the agent may be employed by a particular insurance company to sell insurance policies on its behalf, partly on salary and partly on commission.

Career Options

  • •Actuary: Actuaries use their analytical skills to predict the risk of writing insurance policies on property
  • businesses and people's lives and health. •Agent and Broker: Agents and brokers advise people and organizations on how to protect things they value by selling customers insurance contracts. •Claims Adjuster: Adjusters negotiate insurance claims with people have experienced a loss. The adjuster is responsible for reaching a claim settlement that is fair to all parties. •Representatives: Service representatives are the link in the field between agents who sell policies and insurance companies who write the policies. •Loss Control Specialist: As a loss control specialist your job is to help keep accident and losses to a minimum. limit exposure to certain types of ailments. •Risk Manager: A risk manager is employed by an organization to help identify the risks that it faces and to make recommendations for dealing with these risks. •Underwriter: Underwriters decide whether to provide insurance to applicants seeking coverage.

Educational Qualifications

  • A bachelor’s and master’s degree in risk management or other such fields.

Personal Skills

  • •Emotionally intelligent •Honest •Persistent •Updated Knowledge of his subjects

Courses to be pursued

  • •Associate's Degree in Life and Health Insurance •Bachelor's Degree in Insurance and Risk Management •Master's Degree in Insurance and Risk Management •Doctor of Philosophy in Insurance and Risk

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Working Conditions

Works 40-hour per week.

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