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The Indian Navy is the naval branch of the Indian Armed Forces. The President of India serves as Supreme Commander of the Indian Navy. The Chief of Naval Staff, usually a four-star officer in the rank of Admiral, commands the navy. The Indian Navy is the fifth largest in the world. It played an important role in India's victory in the 1971 Indo-Pakistani War.

Career Options

  • As an officer and a sailor

Educational Qualifications

  • Minimum class 12th pass

Personal Skills

  • Gentleman of liberal education
  • refined manners
  • punctilious courtesy
  • and the nicest sense of personal honor
  • patience
  • justice
  • firmness
  • kindness
  • and charity

Courses to be pursued

  • No specific degrees needed

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Working Conditions

While working in base you will have the opportunity to live in service accommodation within a military establishment or live outside of base and rent, flat or buy. It is however, recommended that you live on base in the early stages of your career to gain a sense of the Navy lifestyle.

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