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Nursing is an emotionally fulfilling and personally rewarding career, with excellent job prospects, a wide range of areas to specialize in, and strong salaries. Graduates of nursing school enjoy high starting salaries in comparison to their peers in other industries, because nurses are in higher demand than ever before. Everyone needs healthcare, and with an aging population and shrinking nursing workforce, it’s easy to see why nursing is often referred to as a “recession proof” career. 

Career Option

  • Nurses do not remain unemployed. They easily get jobs in private government run hospitals
  • nursing homes
  • orphanages
  • old age homes
  • industries and the armed forces. They can also seek employment in the Red Cross Society
  • Indian Nursing Council
  • State Nursing Councils and various other Nursing Institutions.

Top Colleges In India

Courses to be pursued

  • • Auxiliary Nurse Midwife/ Health Workers (ANM) course • General Nursing and Midwifery (GNM) • B. Sc. Nursing (Basic) • B.Sc. Nursing (Post Basic) • Post Basic Specialty (One Year Diploma) • M. Sc. Nursing • MPhil and PhD in Nursing

Working Condition

Because patients in hospitals and nursing care facilities need round-the-clock care, nurses in these settings usually work in shifts, covering all 24 hours. They may work nights, weekends, and holidays. They also may be on call. Nurses who work in offices, schools, and other places that do not provide 24-hour care are more likely to work regular business hours.

Personal Skill

  • • Critical-thinking skills. Registered nurses must be able to assess changes in the health status of patients
  • including determining when to take corrective action and when to make referrals. • Communication skills. Registered nurses must be able to communicate effectively with patients in order to understand their concerns and assess their health conditions. Nurses need to explain instructions
  • such as how to take medication
  • clearly. They must be able to work in teams with other health professionals and communicate the patients’ needs. • Compassion. Registered nurses should be caring and empathetic when caring for patients. • Detail oriented. Registered nurses must be responsible and detail oriented because they must make sure that patients get the correct treatments and medicines at the right time. • Emotional stability. Registered nurses need emotional resilience and the ability to manage their emotions to cope with human suffering
  • emergencies
  • and other stresses. • Organizational skills. Nurses often work with multiple patients with various health needs. Organizational skills are critical to ensure that each patient is given appropriate care. • Physical stamina. Nurses should be comfortable performing physical tasks
  • such as moving patients. They may be on their feet for most of their shift.

Educational Qualification

  • • Class 10th Pass. • 10+2 class passed preferably Science (PCB) & English. • 10+2 in Arts (Mathematics, Biotechnology, Economics, Political Science, History, Geography, Business Studies, Accountancy, Home Science, Sociology, Psychology, Philosophy) and English Core/English Elective or Health care Science - Vocational stream ONLY.
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