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Police Officer

The Police force of a country is entrusted with the duties of maintenance of public order and prevention and detection of crimes. To make a career in Police or Law Enforcement Service, it holds huge prospects for courageous and dedicated candidates. There is an increased demand for police jobs in India and across the world. IPS is the premier and apex police service of the country India. 

Career Options

  • The job opportunities in police of India are vast. You can pursue a career in the capacity of a police inspector as a non-gazetted officer. The positions that are available for non-gazetted officers include Inspector of Police
  • Assistant Sub-Inspector of Police and Sub-Inspector of Police. If you are a gazetted police officer
  • you can look for promotions as Additional Commissioner of Police
  • Deputy Commissioner of Police
  • Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police
  • Assistant Commissioner of Police
  • Special Commissioner of Police
  • Commissioner of Police and Joint Commissioner of Police. Also
  • professionals in this field can also look for national and international level job opportunities. Some job options are available in Criminal Investigation Department (CID) and Detective Agency.

Educational Qualifications

  • • Class 10+2 • No formal education needed but you need to pass a written test. Physical fitness is also a help. You will need to pass the police training course.

Personal Skills

  • You do need to enjoy working in the community
  • be a good communicator
  • be logical
  • decisive and work well under pressure. It is essential to be physically fit as you never know what situations you may find yourself in.

Courses to be pursued

  • • Police Training Course • Need To Qualify UPSC exam

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Working Conditions

Working conditions vary greatly. It is based on factors such as location, staffing levels and the number of incident reports. Police work often proves to be both physically and mentally demanding, especially compared to most other jobs. Police officers work on a full-time basis, and schedules often include long daily shifts. Accidents and crimes can occur at any hour of the day or night, and officers at poorly staffed departments often have to work overtime.

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Successful Persons

Vinod Kumar Chaubey

It was on 12th July, 2009 that Vinod Kumar Chaubey led a head-on attack on the Naxals after the Naxals had murdered two police officers from Chaubey’s team. He was successful in pushing Naxals back. But, he finally succumbed to death in this encounter. He was a brave hero who saved more than a dozen of his men and also a bus full of civilians.

Mohan Chand Sharma

Mohan Sharma is one of the most respected officers of the Delhi Police. He very bravely encountered the terrorists suspected in 2008 blasts at Batla House in 2008 and lost his life in that bloody encounter. The encounter was very successful.

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