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Statisticians are the people who use statistical methods to collect and analyze data and to help solve real-world problems in business, engineering, healthcare, or other fields.

Career Options

  • Employers of professionals as statisticians include: • Pharmaceutical companies - ranging from small local firms to large national and international companies • Higher education institutions • Operational and scientific research establishments • Contract research organizations (CROs) • Public sector research organizations (such as the Health Protection Agency and the World Health Organization) • Regulatory authorities • Market research companies • Manufacturing and service companies • Investment companies and banks • Insurance companies • The National Health Service

Educational Qualifications

  • Class 10+2 with Mathematics

Personal Skills

  • • Analytical skill: Statisticians use statistical techniques and models to analyze large amounts of data. • Communication skills: Statisticians often work with
  • and propose solutions to
  • people who do not have extensive knowledge of mathematics or statistics. • Math skills: Statisticians use statistics
  • calculus
  • and linear algebra to develop their models and analyses. • Problem-solving skills: Statisticians must develop techniques to overcome problems in data collection and analysis
  • such as high non response rates
  • so that they can draw meaningful conclusions.

Courses to be pursued

  • • B. Stat. • M. Stat. • B. tech. • M. tech. • B. Math • M. Math

Top Colleges

Working Conditions

Statisticians typically work full time. Flexible working hours are common amongst them. Paid overtime is occasionally available. Part-time work, home working and career breaks are also possible.

Top Companies

Successful Persons

C.R. Rao

He is currently serving as the Professor Emeritus at Penn State University &Research Professor at the University at Buffalo. Being described as a living legend by the American Statistical Association, his work has influenced not just statistics but various other fields like economics, genetics, demography, biometry, medicine and more.

Debabrata Basu

He is a key contributor to the foundations of statistics; Debabrata Basu was India’s leading mathematician and statistician. Working in the direction of development of survey sampling, his theories formed a strong basis of a complete sufficient statistic.

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