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Waiters and waitresses take orders and serve food and beverages to customers in dining establishments. Waiters and waitresses, also called servers, are responsible for ensuring that customers have a satisfying dining experience. The specific duties of servers vary with the establishment in which they work.

Career Option

  • Job opportunities for waiters and waitresses are expected to be very good
  • primarily because of the large number of workers who leave the occupation each year. Candidates with previous work experience and excellent customer-service skills will have the best job opportunities in upscale restaurants. Strong competition at these establishments is expected
  • as potential earnings from tips are greater than at other restaurants and the number of job applicants usually exceeds the number of job openings.

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Courses to be pursued

  • • No formal education is required. • High school diploma preferred. • Skill Certification in Food and Beverage Service (Waiter)

Working Condition

Waiters and waitresses are on their feet most of the time and often carry heavy trays of food, dishes, and drinks. The work can be hectic and fast-paced. During busy dining periods, they are under pressure to serve customers quickly and efficiently. They must be able to work well as a team with kitchen staff to ensure that customers receive prompt service. Because waiters and waitresses are the front line of customer service in food service and drinking establishments, appearance is important. Those who work in fine-dining and upscale restaurants may be required to wear uniforms, including ties or aprons, which are typically provided by their employer.

Personal Skill

  • • Communication skills. Waiters and waitresses must listen carefully to customers’ specific requests
  • ask questions
  • and relay the information to the kitchen staff
  • so that orders are prepared to the customers’ satisfaction. • Customer-service skills. Waiters and waitresses spend most of their work time serving customers. They should be friendly and polite and be able to develop a rapport with customers. • Detail oriented. Waiters and waitresses must record customers’ orders accurately. They need be able to recall the details of each order and match the food or drink orders to the correct customers. • Interpersonal skills. Waiters and waitresses should be courteous
  • tactful
  • and attentive as they deal with customers in all circumstances to resolve any issues that arise. • Physical stamina. Waiters and waitresses spend hours on their feet carrying heavy trays
  • dishes
  • and drinks.

Educational Qualification

  • • Less than a high school education
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