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The Magic of Transformation - Origami

author02 17 May 2018 4

From British Rule to Home-Rule

author02 16 May 2018 3

Social-Media and Education - A Mixed Blessing

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Hands-on Guidelines for Young Parents

author02 24 Apr 2018 5

Creative Expression Through Art

author02 19 Apr 2018 4

Why Do We Draw

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Promoting the Involvement of Women and Youth

author02 13 Apr 2018 8

Youth Suicide- Increasing Awareness and Reducing Stigma

author02 05 Apr 2018 11

The Centralized Education System; CBSE

author02 30 Mar 2018 10

Ensuring Equitable Access to Education

author02 26 Mar 2018 18

Hey Children! Find out All Nutritive Fruits for Summer

author02 09 Mar 2018 8

Ramjas Basketball Champions League - 2017

author02 08 Feb 2018 17

The Inspiring Bubble

author02 01 Feb 2018 12

How to Reinvent Yourself

author02 30 Jan 2018 7

This Republic Day Will Be Remembered Forever!

author02 25 Jan 2018 12

Groom Your Child’s Skills at Every Step

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Dreams- Opening the Gateway to Self-Expression

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When Disney Became the Teacher

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Radio Jockey- Upcoming Newness

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History as a Solution for the Present

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The Sun Moon and Calendar

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The Magic of Transformation - Origami

author02 Shruti Anand 17 May 2018 4

There’s nothing like the joy of turning a square sheet of paper into a beautiful piece of art, say a flower or an animal. Children really enjoy transforming a blank paper into some beautiful creative craft. Well this is the Magic of the Art of Origami. The Japanese name itself is the meaning of the art ‘Ori’ means ‘folding’ and ‘kami’ means ‘paper’that leads it to ‘folding paper’. The tradition of paper folding was practiced in various countries like Europe, China, and Japan as documented by the historians. Though the countries shared the same tradition up to 20th century but the tradition was followed in separate way. The Chinese at traditional funerals use to burn the paper folding mostly as a representation of gold nuggets that were called Yuanbao. This was during the period of Sung Dynasty that was 905-1125 CE. On the other hand the Japanese used it for completely different purpose Noshi that are a kind of ceremonial Origami that are attached to the gifts as a token of good fortune and wishes. This was during the Edo period though later it turned as a form of entertainment. The Europeans during the 17th and the 18th century were flourishing the genre of Napkin Folding. As napkin folding was similar to paper folding but it was given another name in Europe that was Napkin Folding. Later this genre was replaced and was only used as a dinner-table status symbol amongst Noble people. The origin of Origami is from the three countries that had entirely different concept about it yet with the same basic objective of transforming a simple square piece of paper in to something absolutely different and creative.


Origami is fun, inexpensive, creative and a beautiful art of sharing with others. The art of Origami is ancient and has passed on through generations with some changes. As it’s an art it consists of some techniques to be followed. Depending upon the simplicity and complexity of the design one desires to make time to make is followed accordingly. As any other art form, Origami as well has its styles and types from which the more common ones include

Realistic style:creations exhibiting the main features of the subject with the result of complex designs with many steps.

Minimal style: simple creation capturing the essence of subject with minimal folds.

Other styles are Modular style, Composite style, Practical style, Pureland style. All have some basic differentiation in the formation.

Origami has evolved far from birds and boats.To the count till date Origami enthusiasts have come across 80 types of Origami art. The following are the basic types of Origami:

Action Origami:  Though it’s an art of Paper folding yet it is not limited only to still lives, Action Origami is the movement of paper folding into clever ways. It includes Origami that flies, requires inflation to complete or when complete uses the kinetic energy of a person's hands.

Modular Origami: It is the type of Origami that consists of putting a number of identical pieces together to form a complete model. Chinese paper folding includes a style called Golden Venture Folding where large number of pieces is put together to make elaborate models. It is most commonly known as "3D origami",however, that name did not appear until Joie Staff published a series of books titled "3D Origami", "More 3D Origami", and "More and More 3D Origami"

Wet folding: Chinese Paper Folding includes a style called Golden Venture Folding where large numbers of pieces are put together to make elaborate models. It is most commonly known as "3D origami", however, that name did not appear until Joie Staff published a series of books titled "3D Origami","More 3D Origami", and "More and More 3D Origami".

Pureland Origami: This type of origami has restrictions to be followed that only simple mountain or valley folds may be used with all the folds to have a straight forward location but this type is the challenge of creating within the very strict constraints.

Origami quilts: This is a new branch of Origami. In this unit various units are folded and then joined together to form models.


One of the most famous Origami model is ‘Thousand Origami Cranes’. It is a model and group of one thousand origami paper cranes that are held together with strings. It is an ancient piece of art and it is also believed that anyone who folds a thousand Origami cranes will be granted a wish by the gods. Also, Crane in Japan is one of the mystical and holy creature including Dragon and Tortoise.

We all know Origami is a Japanese word but this does not prove that the art originally originated from Japan. As paper degrades easily and in short period of time the origin of Origami is still under debate. Paper was discovered in China in 105 A.D. Thus it can be said that if paper was present, paper folding is possible though there are no such evidence for proving the statement true. On the other hand during the 6th century paper was introduced in Korea and then into Japan by the Buddhist Monks. It is in Japan that paper folding became an art form and evolved into what we know today as "origami". Yet no evidence has been found till date nor for favoring China neither Japan.

For learning the Origami one must start from the basics, that what all materials are required for Origami that would be paper, glue, and scissors etc. Next in line is learning the basic Origami symbols. These Origami symbols are very important in the process of learning the art. Then is learning the basic Origami folds for example the valley fold, squash fold, mountain fold, crimp, petal fold, petal fold valiation, and swivel fold etc. One can make different models of different types following the various styles of the dynamic form of art ‘Origami’. Thus,whenever one is free, take out some papers and try “Origami” art.

From British Rule to Home-Rule

author02 Swati Kaushal 16 May 2018 3

The Britishers completely changed the education system in India.The biggest change was the introduction of the western style education (which has not changed since then) with the language of instruction being English. The traditional educational system in which students learnt various subjects in temples,mosques and gurukuls was replaced by a system of schools and universities based on the system in the West. In 1835,Governor-General Lord William Bentinck formally introduced English education in India. In 1844, English was made the official language. This made the knowledge of English necessary for appointment to public offices. Along with it, Britain dismantled India's previous economy and industries as a result of Britain forcing them to import their goods from Britain and not buy their own goods from India.Industries such as the handmade cloth industry, clock-making, metal, and carpentry industries, fell because cloth was made of better quality for cheaper in Britain because of mass production.

British rule brought many negatives to education, politics, trade in India. While promoting western ideals and thoughts, the British also discouraged Indian culture and philosophy. Famous teachers like Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, Aryabhatta,Chanakya etc. have contributed a lot in the field of education and in shaping in India. Dharampal Collected Writings In 5 Volumes explains how British rule changed India and how did India manage to reform itself. His compositions also enlighten us with Indian Science, Politics and Tradition in 18th Century.

India will always be remembered for some of the greatest discoveries of science world over the centuries. Zero and Trigonometry was introduced by Indians and how it changed the world completely and is continuing to do that. We all know Issac Newton discovered the Law of Attraction but only a few people know that Aryabhatta first identified the force to explain why objects do not fall when the earth rotates, and Brahmagupta described gravity as an attractive force and used the term gruhtvaakarshan for gravity. The process to transfer information freely and almost instantaneously was made possible by the pioneering work of Narinder Kalpany which is known as Fiber optics.

India winning freedom in 1947 was an extraordinary achievement - a great victory of humanity. It inspired similar movements the world over including the freedom struggles in Africa, the Civil Rights movement in the US and several other struggles against dictatorships.

The sense of togetherness is greater today as compared to those times when British were extending their control and thats because we have more in common today than people in past. Thats why we have a national anthem, flag and furthermore our own administration.



Social-Media and Education - A Mixed Blessing

author02 Swati Kaushal 03 May 2018 7

Social media has gained reliability over the years as a trusted source of information and a platform where organizations can communicate with each. Gradually, teachers and schools are attempting to use the engaging qualities of social media as a helping had in classroom and beyond by connecting students, teachers and parents better than ever. Social media has brought a revolution in many industries, but its effect on the classroom and the education system as a whole, that is the most striking. Whether it’s through the use of private social groups, Facebook pages, classroom Twitter Profiles or Blogs, school after school has embraced social networking with some research showing that, used in the right manner, these mediums can have a positive impact on grades.

Social media is a blessing in many ways as it provides a path for students to easily contact one another regarding school projects, group assignments or for help in their homework. It also helps students who are unable to participate actively in class by providing them a platform to express their thoughts. Although this should not replace their class participation but it can help build the students confidence and encourage them to find their voice and be able to participate in class. Other advantage of social media is that students can also write a specific question in a personal message or to the teacher’s wall so that other students can also have an access to the feedback given by them. It is very useful for teachers, parents and students to stay on the same page about what is going on in school. 

Unfortunately, social media is also a curse. Social media, which should just be a part of human life, has become the most important aspect around which everyone’s lives revolve. The first concern that comes to mind when using social media in the classroom is how it will be a major distraction to the students during lessons because it will be a novelty to students and they will be pretty excited about it which will make it difficult for the teachers to follow through with a lesson based on internet research.

Along with this it will limit face to face communication, the risk of cyber bullying, malwares etc.

For a better tomorrow, social media should only be restricted to serve its main purpose i.e. infotainment and entertainment.

Only then social media will be known as a boon and not a bane anymore.

Hands-on Guidelines for Young Parents

author02 Tulika Dey 24 Apr 2018 5

Parents actually do not require tips. Everyone have their own unique way of parenting depending upon their lifestyle, child behaviour and theirs. However, sometimes, as a parent we do not realize the problem areas, specially the young parents so here are a few tips that can always serve as a guide forparents who are sometimes detracked and want to find simple tips and techniquesfor their children.

Discipline without punishment - The most effective way toteach kids is our modeling, and to treat them the way we want them to treatothers, with compassion and understanding. When we spank, punish, or yell, kidslearn to act aggressively. Parents and teachers should themselves do thingsthat they want from their children.

Decision making - is the bestlesson which a parent can teach their children. Parents can teach them to think before acting oncertain issues. It is been found that if decisions come down to doing what isright or what is wrong, the majority of children will almost always choosepopularity. 

Forgiveness - When someone you care about hurts you, you can hold on toanger, resentment and thoughts of revenge. But you always have the choice toembrace forgiveness and move on wearing a smile. Forgiveness can lead you downthe path of physical, emotional and spiritual well-being, making you a morecompassionate and understanding individual.

Leadership - Children are like a bunch of beautiful flowers whoblossoms with a lot of learning and training. It is one of the deciding factorsin formation of confidence in students which is highly required in theirprofessional lives. Make them do their own things and help them take a decisionby their own even if at times, it turns out to be a wrong one. They shouldlearn from their mistakes.

Hard Work - One of the most important things we can do, asparents, is instill the values of hard work into our children.This is a mindset that will help them accomplish great things, and make themmore independent and self-sufficient as they go throughout their lives. Involvethem in your house chores: perhaps setting the dishes at dinner table,organizing their own room, table and cupboard and yes do not forget to praisethem when they do so. Also make them earn rewards.

Raise your voice - Teach your children not to be hesitant to raisevoice for genuineness and truth and sympathy, against unfairness and ravenous. Setan example by yourself protesting against unfairness. Since when you do assuch, it makes a major change.

Never overprotect your children- There is a thin line between protection and overprotecting. Parents should teach children how to become independent. Theyshould allow their children to do things and tasks all by themselves.

In a nutshell, try to develop a bond with your childrenthrough communication. Even you cannot devote long hours to them, try to givequality time to them. Listen to their poor jokes and laugh along with them. Tryto see the world from their eyes. Build a transparency and confide with them sothat they can share with you their little secrets but do not overdo that theydo not listen to you at all. Give them encouragement along withconstructive criticism. Try to set aside time on a regular basis to dosomething fun with your children. Rather than tell them what not to do, teachand show them what they should do. Above all, try to be a happy soul for yourchild is your reflection!

Creative Expression Through Art

author02 Tulika Dey 19 Apr 2018 4

Acting is an intrinsic art. It is a form of expressing oneself and all of us are born with this natural talent of acting. Have we not pretended or gained the title of 'Drama Queen', in some or the phase of our life? All kids, even babies and toddlers act during their growing phase. Acting over a glass of milk, pretending stomach ache for not going to school, or perhaps headache for not studying.

With time, the skill is enhanced and for some acting becomes a passion in life and it is the mantra of success. Children with an artistic bend in life attains extreme happiness when they are engaged in playing music or expressing themselves in some or the other form of creativity.  

However, theatre is extremely helpful for shy children. Have we ever thought why we feel shy? We feel shy when we are not confident enough or perhaps when we are afraid to speak loudly in public or do not have proper knowledge. Some girls feel shy when they feel that they are not beautiful enough or perhaps what will others think. In fact, I have seen so many young girls covering their mouth when they laugh out loudly. But we do not realize that inner beauty matters rather than physical beauty. Believe  yourself. Be honest and believe in what you speak, rather don't say something when you are not sure, only then you will feel confident.

We undergo many struggle in our lives but when we are into theatre and giving our performance, often we bring out our own hidden expression; perhaps the pain of our lost love, anger, happiness or may be any other emotions. It gives us a wider perspective to see life from a different angle.

In fact, creative art and theatre in particular, empowers kids to use their imaginations to overcome obstacles and produce a desired result. Whether it’s a musical instrument, a paint brush, a pottery wheel, or a script and costume, the child as an artist must dig within him or herself to conjure up solutions. And it is these problem-solving skills that will in future serve them in just about every facet of life, both professionally and personally.

Why Do We Draw

author02 Tulika Dey 16 Apr 2018 5

Picking up a crayon and scribing on the walls, on papers and on ever little things in a house is all that are done by a young kid (toddler).We all are taught how to read and write but drawing is a natural instinct that we all are born with. The first thing a growing child does is drawing. Drawing hardly requires any skill or materials for a beginner and there is basically no set pattern or technique for drawing.

Anybody and everybody can draw and we all have drawn something or the other in our lives. What makes us different from apes is our capability to think and when we think creatively, when we are able to think out of the box, we enjoy every little things in life. Some feel good when they draw just like someone who feels good when they communicate (write or read).

Even early men living in caves had been sketching in the stonewalls, coins and products of use. Whereas research psychologists are concerned towards enhancing innovative thinking, clinicalpsychologists sometimes encourage patients to use artistic expression as a wayto confront difficult feelings.

It is a medium throughwhich we bring out our expression, our innate feelings (anger, happiness, sadness,etc). Infact people say that the colours used by painters often determine theirmood while they were undertaking the sketch.

Don't we remember the day dreamer and not so good at studies, 'Ishaan' from 'Taare Zameen Par', was excellent as a painter.

Promoting the Involvement of Women and Youth

author02 Divya Bansal 13 Apr 2018 8

In the current scenario, Politics (Government) is typically considered as a career space for men who have reached at a certain age holding a political experience. They work on their ultra old theories,hence hesitate to take risks. While these men fail to understand that this is the high time that we need the infusion of young blood in politics. More women should be employed in decision making positions. The youth would bring in fresh thoughts with a new zeal to work. They would be educated and technically upgraded. This is necessary to meet the varied aspirations of our diversified nation.         

Unfortunately, women are left behind because of gender biasness and lack of experience while young people are often ignored due to their young age.

There are few bodies which fight against evils such as “Gender Inequality” and “Lack of Opportunities” to uplift the involvement of women and youth in politics such as Inter Parliamentary Union, United Nations Development Programme, United Nations Division for the advancement of Women etc.

This is the time to remove all the barriers giving way to equal participation. There should be an arrangement of leadership programmes for women at every stage of their education. The Govt should take initiative in conducting the campaigns on “Gender Equality” to promote women’s participation in politics. The Govt should make reservations for women and youth in the system. As per the current situation we should have 40% seats reserved for women and 40% seats for the people below the age of 30 years.

Youth Suicide- Increasing Awareness and Reducing Stigma

author02 Tulika Dey 05 Apr 2018 11

With 41% of India's population comprising of young people, and one youth suicide attempt every minute, is leaving us Indian parents clueless with no resort.

Trying to understand the impetus behind such impulsive forces that create a blockage in the minds and hearts of our kids that they look for ending their lives as the last resort, lets ponder upon some of the stress triggers of the present day.Numbers and graphs are climbing up day-by-day and parents, educationists, policymakers and mental health professionals are just left clueless.

Statistics from WHO ranks India at the 3rd top most country in the list along with the US and Australia, so literally economic forces cannot be blamed here. But for heaven's sake, India being a peace-loving country and renowned for its rich cultural heritage, how can we share the same platform as that of the West? So, is it the parenting pattern, peer pressure,scoring in exam, forced career choices, orthodox family beliefs, premarital sex, or workplace stress that act as catalysts in triggering the young,immature brains that they find it easier to die than live just another day.


In the words of child Psychologist, Dr. Madhumati Singh "kids are exposed to quick learning at an earlier age with digital communication. Peer pressure is more and they want too many things all in on go and thus over expectations from their environment leads to strong emotional reactions".


Statistics reveal that in 2016 itself, failure in examination was reported as the primary reason that claimed life and state-wise, Maharashtra was in the hit list with West Bengal and Tamil Nadu following.

Maharashtra reported the highest at 1350 followed by West Bengal and Tamil Nadu at 1147 and 981 in 2016 itself.

attemptingsuicide mostly is an impulsive rash step leading to loss of a life.

Dr.Singh also identified that with no 'real' but virtual friends, kids lack friends/peer support, dual income families keep parents too busy to lend a ear to their child, high demands academically and co-curricula adds to child's pressure. Sensitivity comes in varying degrees in persons and only a parent or teachers can identify an over sensitive child. It's important to deal with them with compassion and care. Putting down the child's self esteem, berating or cursing them can cost dearly.

Today’s youths have a progressive mindset and want enormous outcome in a short span. Sometimes, traditional families also hinder sin the upliftment as they are not supportive in matters pertaining to financial independence, marriage age, premarital sex, rehabilitation, etc.

The best time of the life that students are supposed to enjoy and cherish is the time they are pushed to extreme levels which can be overwhelming for many.


To curb this societal gap, we need better policies and implementation of resources for improving psychological well-being of children.Government approval for the implementation of the “District Mental Health Programme”in some of the districts of the country is an initiative for promoting suicide prevention services, stress management, life skills training, and counseling in educational institutions. Preventing youth suicides is the need of the hour and the entire society will have to work together towards its achievement.



The Centralized Education System; CBSE

author02 Madhuchanda Saxena 30 Mar 2018 10

Indian education has its roots in ancient Gurukuls. It was a system of education where the students stayed with the Guru till such time the Guru felt he had imparted all the knowledge he could. Ancient Gurukuls taught subjects that were varied and from language to scriptures, mathematics to metaphysics, astronomy, nature studies etc.

With the British came new system of education which was confined not just within rooms but also between Science and Mathematics and few other subjects. However, the interaction with nature which was the norm in ancient Indian education system was changed to closed room system.

In 1857 Calcutta University was established which was the first Asian multidisciplinary, secular westernized university. In the year 1921 the first education Board was set up in Uttar Pradesh and was known as “Uttar Pradesh Board of High School and intermediate Education”. After few other changes in the year 1952 it finally came to be recognized as the “Central Board of Secondary Education”. Before 1976 education was considered a State Subject with Central government playing an advisory role. However, in 1976 through the 42nd amendment act Education was transferred from the State to the Concurrent list in the constitution. The implication of this amendment was that both the centre and state could legislate on any aspect of education from the primary to the University level.

After the amendment in 1962 the CBSE board was reconstituted. With education being a subject in the concurrent list most states also have their own education system or board in place with different curriculums.

CBSE is the main pinnacle board which is not just spread across the length and breadth of the country but has its presence globally in 21 countries with around 141 affiliated schools.

The CBSE grants affiliation to schools till the higher secondary and develops and maintains a common curriculum keeping in mind the nationwide requirement. Due to the uniformity amongst students throughout India, more schools are getting affiliated with CBSE. Though,both Central and State government are equal partners in formulating education policies, however, states cannot impede or influence the working of the executive powers of the Union.

Managing a Centralized Board is definitely no cake walk, and the recent CBSE question paper leak is an example of that mismanagement. The question paper for Economics for Class XII and Mathematics for Class X got leaked which points towards lack of security within CBSE. CBSE has announced for re examination of both these subjects for 28 lakh students across India. This has left a bitter taste amongst the students who had just written their exams. This also does not do justice to students who have sincerely studied to crack their exams versus students who want it the easy way out. HRD ministry and police Special investigating team are working to nab the culprits, but students and parents are equally disappointed and dissatisfied.  The Government too is answerable as it is the future of young aspiring students at stake.


Ensuring Equitable Access to Education

author02 Divya Bansal 26 Mar 2018 18

Every person on this Earth has right to education irrespective of caste, color, creed or sex. Education plays an important role in the development of human beings. It introduces us to a whole new world. Education builds our mind and makes us wiser. It helps us to have opinions and views on the things happening around us.

However, everyone doesn’t have access to equitable education in different parts of the world.

There are various reasons pertaining to poor or no access to education. Poverty is one of the biggest reasons’ which deprives many, even of basic education. People falling below poverty line cannot afford to have three meals in a day, leave alone the education.

Getting into the interiors of our nation or any other country, there are rural areas, where there are no schools for children. Few villages have schools but lacks basic facilities such as classrooms, trained teachers, washrooms etc.

We are living in 21st century but still many girls are deprived of schooling or higher education because of inequality between girls and boys. Moreover apart from these factors, education is an expensive affair these days. Parents find it difficult to afford higher education of their children. Hence many children are forced to look out for employment immediately after schooling.  

The government should take initiative in opening the schools in rural areas with all the facilities such as classrooms, trained teachers, hygienic washrooms etc.  The government should support NGOs which promotes and support the education of girls. Separate schools should be opened which provides free education to physically disable and children below poverty line.

The government should make it a rule that 50% of the corporate sector should contribute towards education as a part of their Corporate Social Responsibility.


Hey Children! Find out All Nutritive Fruits for Summer

author02 Bhavna Sharma 09 Mar 2018 8

Scorching summer is approaching and children are going to enjoy multitude of tasty fruits. Summers are accompanied with dehydration,vitamin and mineral deficiencies and skin issues. Drinking water is one thing but fruit juices, smoothies and eating fruits can energize and hydrate a child’s body instantly. These fruits not only complete the requirement of water but also fulfill the nutrition required to stay healthy and happy.

The watery watermelon will replenish lost fluids from the body of children. It is a good source of vitamin A & C. Also, water melon has lycopene thus protecting from skin damage. Freshly cut pineapples will provide vitamins, antioxidants and enzymes like bromelain. It keeps a child away from inflammation and provides glow to the skin. The most favorite of children; king of fruits ‘mango’ is loaded with Vitamins A, C and cancer preventing beta carotene. Therefore, involve mangoes in curd, milk shakes,purees, etc. to enjoy season of mangoes. Pulpy Papaya will boost immune system by its cold fighting agent Vitamin C. It is also packed with Vitamin E and beta – carotene to reduce inflammation.Luscious berries contain flavonoids providing children with benefits of antioxidants. Eating berries this summer will improve texture of skin. Juicy Kiwis are a great start for summers. They have Vitamin C and E, potassium and fibers.Peaches and plums are also going to make their way in fruit market. Both of them are a good source of Vitamin C, beta carotene and antioxidants.

So, children should not miss an opportunity to grab and eat these fruits to stay healthy and happening forever. Eat summer fruits daily and say goodbye to all illnesses and skin problems.


Ramjas Basketball Champions League - 2017

author02 Srishti Sharma and Tulika Dey 08 Feb 2018 17

With an incredible performance of Indian players in the Rio Olympics, sports in India are regaining its lost vigour. Though sports king, cricket serves to be the most preferred sports but time is changing and other individual and team sports are also gaining pace.


The 23rd Ramjas Basketball Champions League (RBCL), 2017 generated a lot of buzz in the capital with over 2000 participants from all over Delhi and NCR region. Reputed organizations including FICCI, ONGC, Nestle, Jr NBA India, Delhi Basketball Association along with Media partner FairGaze supported the mega event. It was a knock-out-cum-league tournament. Around 70 schools participated in the tournament and 12 teams made it up to the semi-finals.


Participating schools includes Air Force Bal Bharati School, Montfort School (Ashok Vihar), Apex School, Army Public School (Dhaula Kuan), Amity International School (Noida), Apeejay School(Saket), Bal Bharati Public School (Pitampura), Bluebells School, International Carmel Convent School, DLF Public School (Sahibabad), Delhi Public School (East of Kailash), Delhi Public School (Mathura Road), Dynasty International School,Father Agnel School (Noida), G.D. Goenka Public School (Dwarka), Mamta Modern Sr. Sec. School and Ramjas School to name a few.

The champions of the RBCL Sikandar Kaun Contest 2017 were:

1. Montfort School, Ashok Vihar, Jr. Boys

2. Bal Bharti Public School, Pitampura - Jr. Boys

3. Montfort School, Ashok Vihar, Sr. Girls

NBA Champion, Kevin Durant, an American professional basketball player for the Golden State Warriors of the National Basketball Association visited India to support the continued growth of basketball in the country and coach the country’s top prospects at the NBA Academy India. “I’m excited to travel to India to help promote the game of basketball and meet the prospects at The NBA Academy India,” said Durant. The Kevin Durant Charity Foundation generously gifted two new basketball courts to the Ramjas School as part of the Kevin Durant Charity Foundation’s BUILD IT AND THEY WILL BALL Courts Renovation Initiative. 


“Sports plays a very important role in one’s life like in character building and every individual should play sport to build confidence, enhance ones personality,helps to improve time management and stress management,” said Sushantika Sharma, Captain of Montfort school’s basketball team, an International player and winner in the  RBCL tournament.


A healthy nation is a wealthy nation. Games stimulate discipline, teamwork,mental and physical fitness, and overall development of a child. According to the basketball coach at MontFort School, Delhi "If an individual wants to be a basketball player he/she needs to start playing from a young age,so that they are ready to compete during major competitions. It is practice and more and more practice that makes a player efficient but for every sports, the practice schedule is different and requires proper guidance.”


Today sports in India are emerging as a major socio-economic component and Indians are growing much more passionate towards choosing it as a career. RamjasSchool, Delhi has already laid the foundation step in bringing sports to the limelight. 


The Inspiring Bubble

author02 Bhavna Sharma 01 Feb 2018 12

Once upon a time, there was a bear named “Bubble” that was in charge of teaching leadership skills to all the little animals that will become future of forest named “LA LA LA”. LA LA LA was a very green and beautiful forest with a pristine river. Due to human invasion in forest because of its herbs and river, the forest started losing its intact beauty. Bubble became upset as humans destructed their forests. Then the little animals which comprised of a bunny, cubs (of lion, tiger, fox, etc.), foal and joey started fearing of humans and wept loudly in front of their teacher Bubble. Bubble was a bear of strong determination and far sighted vision. Though Bubble was upset out of his concern for degradation of forest, but at the same time, he was thinking that how he could save LA LA LA. His deep thinking gave rise to an idea of leading a mission which will aware all animals that how they can contribute to save their birthplace. He shared the mission with all the little animals. The little ones became relaxed after listening to Bubble and became volunteers of this mission. Bubble started to propagandize his mission “SAVE LA LA LA!” Bubble taught the very first skill to little one was staying calm and patient throughout achieving every goal in life. Accomplishment of goals and delivery of good results always takes time.

Bubble along with all the little ones started to plant tree saplings in all the barren areas of forest with full zeal. By watching them,other animals also joined the movement and started to plant as much saplings as they could. They used to water them every day. The other skill was to stay positive while the mission is on its way. Thus, all animals were very positive about bringing back the charm of their motherland. The little animals came with idea of cleaning their river to Bubble. Bubble was very happy to see the active behavior of all his students. The aquatic animals brought all the plastics thrown in river to the bank of the river. They equally participated in this mission and helped all the land animals. Land animals disposed the plastics in the garbage dump of forest. This is how river started to shine again. Slowly and slowly saplings grew into trees and the green cover of LA LA LA came back.Their homeland looked more beautiful than before. Then, they fenced their forest with electrical wires. The electrical wires had a property that whenever a human will approach a forest to destruct it in spite of beautifying it, then electrical wires will give a mild shock to that human. The humans who are cared and concerned about forest will only be permitted by the electrical wires to go inside and relax in the lap of nature.

This is how the mission was accomplished and all the animals saved LA LA LA. All animals credited Bubble for his idea, initiative and relentless working on this mission. But Bubble was a very honest and kind bear;he credited every animal and appreciated the efforts of all. He even appreciated the work and volunteering of little animals that were always on their toes with him on mission. The little ones thanked their teacher to provide them with a platform where they learnt realities of life and the skills of a leader. Bubble’s humble behavior showed how great leaders are.  After that all animals lived happily ever after in LA LA LA.

How to Reinvent Yourself

author02 Bhavna Sharma 30 Jan 2018 7

Leaders around the world always keep talking about reinventing yourself. Reinvention does not happen in a day but it does happen with a lot of daily practice. Question arises how to reinvent you? To reinvent,you need to be very patient with yourself. One has to address flaws within,appreciate beauty around, stop complaining and learn continuously.

The best methods to reinvent yourself are:

1. Set a new dimension of your future

Just sit down and write what you want to be in your future.Think what real happiness mean to you. What changes you want to make within you? Writing all these questions will set a new goal for you. Here, reinventing process starts.

Start making small changes every day to reach the set goal.Meeting target is not a one day process. If you don’t accomplish target of each day, then don’t dishearten yourself. Always stay motivated. Share your reinventing idea with your closed ones to gain support from them.

2. Face your flaws

Reinvention begins in mind. Change old patterns of thinking.Start thinking positively about yourself, your future and people around.Gossips always created hindrance in growth. Therefore, don’t crib anything bad.Eat well and stay healthy. Improve the art of talking with others.

3. Learn continuously

Learning is a never ending process. Learn while you travel,while you meet new people or from the stories of your family. Read more and focus on your education. It will enhance your personality and will keep you updated with changes around.

4. Change yourself

Sometimes changing the way you look and you dress helps a ton in feeling good. If your environment is not good, then avoid staying in it.Smiling more and talking nicely to others will add more charm. Lastly, change your hobbies and career path to make life livelier as never before.


This Republic Day Will Be Remembered Forever!

author02 Srishti Sharma and Bhavna Sharma 25 Jan 2018 12

This 26th January, India is extremely delighted to have the gracious presence of all 10 ASEAN nations for the Republic Day Parade and celebration. ASEAN is the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and the members are Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia,Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.  This is the very first time when so many eminent leaders are the chief guests at our Republic Day Parade.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has some motives to invite the leaders and consult with them. According to the External Affairs Ministry, India and ASEAN are binding 25 years of interacting relationship with 15 years of summit level interaction and 5 years of strategic partnership with wide range of activities in both India and ASEAN members. ‘Shared Value, Common Destiny’ is the theme of the summit. As China is increasing its regional profile, so other ASEAN members want India to grow its regional profile too.

When he met Vietnam’s PM they discussed about cooperate in trade and investment, defense maritime and some other areas too.There were agreements which were signed in the areas of Information and Broadcasting and space cooperation.

After that he met Philippines’s President and they talked about the major subjects of both the countries such as trade and investment, defense and security, education and people to people cooperation.To facilitate investment the agreement was signed by both the leaders.

Myanmar’s state counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi met Narendra Modi and discussed about the intensifying bilateral cooperation. Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister of Thailand with his wife; Rodrigo Roa Duterte, President of Philippines; His Majesty Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah of Brunei; Lee Hsien Loong, Prime Minister of Singapore were greeted by other officials of Indian Parliament.

This meet between India and ASEAN members will be beneficial for all the nations and the agreements will upgrade India’s profile. It’s really a proud moment for India and all the citizens of the country.





Groom Your Child’s Skills at Every Step

author02 Bhavna Sharma 18 Jan 2018 7

Children need intense care by their parents and teachers tostand them tall on their toes. Every parent is extremely bothered for theirchild’s future because of the cut throat competition in market. The questionarises how to prepare a child to sustain in such a huge competition around. Thesolution is reinvention. Reinvention is not just done by oneself alone ratherit’s by the contribution of closest people around.

Parents and teachers can highly help a child doingreinvention whenever needed. Life is not about plainly following your dreams orothers. It is more about taking risks, adapting changes, challenging yourselfand grooming on the existing as well as remaining skills. When your child comesto you then never ignore on what he/she is saying. Parents must listen to theirchild and realize what they really dream to be. Once parents and teachersdevelops mutual link with a child, then motion of confidence is raised in achild from within. A child is more targeted and ready to make set changes. Ifthe security is not felt by a child then he/she may develop a fearful oraggressive psychology.

In fact, a child naturally chases the footsteps of parentsand teachers when they themselves follow the concept of reinvention. Thus,parents and teachers have to seriously become a child’s superhero in everymanner to see positive changes in them. The style of a child’s role modelcreates a deep impression in the mind of a child. Thus, parents and teachersshould monitor their speaking style with anyone. Parents and teachers alongwith children should try on new activities or hobbies to build enthusiasmamongst children. This will enhance their creative side and will uplift theirmorale.

Parents and teachers should remember a famous quote by HaimGinott “Treat a child as though he already is the person he’s capable ofbecoming.”


Dreams- Opening the Gateway to Self-Expression

author02 Shatrujit Chauhan 04 Sep 2017 18

Are you often left wondering what your dreams mean, and if they could provide guidance in your real life. Yes, our dreams do make some sense. As quoted by Brian Tracy, “You are what you think about most of the time”. It is true, by thinking about something quite often, you let that thought or ambition enter your subconscious state.

When you think of something too deeply, your brain works in a way to find out solutions to achieve the same in reality.

How to work with children and their dreams-

There are numerous advantages of a dream sharing practice with your children. It is a way of showing children the creative potential of their brains. The point is to make them realize that their imagination produces meaningful and useful information. By learning to value their inner self and wisdom from an early age, children can grow up better with their intuition and understand more about the spiritual side of themselves. 

When you start valuing your dreams, you can better validate your creativity and understand the importance of self expression. It helps in keeping your imagination open and free flowing. You develop a certain form of trust in yourself and your own process of perception.

Reading bedtime stories is also a very good way of incubating positive dreams in the mind of your children.

Moving towards the final thought and understanding your subconscious-

Getting your subconscious working towards your goals will bring you closer to success because your subconscious works on solutions 24 hours/day every day.

It will present you with new ideas, insights and plans. Remember that the most important thing is that you act on these ideas and insights. Because no plan ever mattered that wasn’t put into action.

When Disney Became the Teacher

author02 Srishti Anand 14 Aug 2017 8

We all have grown up watching Mickey Mouse, Cinderella etc. We have loved them and their lives. There were times when we related ourselves with the characters and wished that the positions could be exchanged. Disney has been present in our lives at every step. From the way we dress up to the way we behave, somehow children adapt to the Disney theme of love and perfection.

Disney has left traces of itself in our daily lives. It taught us to be honest, noble, loving and helped us in developing our morals. Seeing Cinderella suffer because of accepting the fruit from the strange witch, we learnt not to trust strangers and not to accept any of their gifts. Beauty and beast indirectly instilled in students the value of not judging a book by its cover. Even the beast looked hideous and scary on the inside but was a kind and generous man on the inside. Apart from that when children saw the insatiable thirst for knowledge that Belle had, they got inspired to do the same. We all dreamt of having Aladdin’s magic lamp, to fulfill our wishes. Little did we know that the Aladdin also taught us the value of putting in efforts and not leaving everything on magic or god.

Even now when we hear the word Disney, it awakens inside us the childlike glee and makes us happy. Watching shows on Disney transported us into a world of magic, where everything was possible. This somehow made us believe that this also was true for the real world, i.e. if you worked hard enough, nothing was impossible to achieve. Growing up we all realize that life is not like it was portrayed on the Disney, but it never failed in delivering to us the message that- Despair is not the end, you just need to look out for the light at the end of the dark tunnel.  

Radio Jockey- Upcoming Newness

author02 Anubha Das 28 Jul 2017 4

With the developing number of radio stations in India, interest for RJs or Radio Jockeys is expanding step by step. The pattern began with VJs or Video Jockeys when channel V (music channel) appeared. After that, radio stations began getting to be distinctly basic and hosts that used to present projects on radio stations were soon begun to being alluded as RJs.

Radio jockey or RJ is a person who hosts radio programs. The principle occupation of the RJ is to communicate with gatherings of people and play music in the middle of the program. Radio jockey for the most part host just for a couple of hours in a day and get a good paycheck. It is not as simple as it looks. There are some criteria which should be satisfied in the event that you need to wind up distinctly a famous RJ. 

No formal training is required for getting into this field. To get into government radio channels, you ought to in any event be a graduate. For getting into private radio channels you can even be a twelfth go out. Maximum age utmost to get into this field is 35 years.

Since it is an upcoming vocation alternative, there are very few organizations which offer training here. Just few of the organizations give particular training and these foundations have been opened by few of the outstanding RJs. Radio jockeys has unquestionably gotten up to speed as a major vocation in India. So certainly try it out on the off chance that you have been thinking about it as a vocation choice.


author02 Angel 13 Jun 2017 9

Everyone out there is rubbing their hands together eagerly waiting to know who the next coach of the Indian cricket team would be. The Indian cricket board sent out a press release, inviting applications for the post of the men’s team’s Head Coach soon after the Indian cricket team set out for their Champions Trophy campaign. It was said that the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) in their report to the NDTV conveyed that they are not happy with Anil Kumble’s play in negotiating players’ pay just ahead of the IPL final.

With some anti-Kumble BCCI officials convincing Virendar Sehwag to apply for the position, the issue even got hotter. Rumors soon spread that there were issues between Virat Kohli, the captain of the Indian cricket team, and Anil Kumble, the head coach. Following this, Sourav Ganguly, former skipper, asked the Indian team at their hotel for feedback on him as coach. 

A three-member cricket advisory committee of Ganguly, VVS Laxman and Sachin Tendulkar was assigned with the responsibility of deciding whether or not Kumble stays the coach. The committee finally decided to retain Kumble. 

Kohli who addressed the media in Birmingham just before the ICC Champions Trophy’s India-Pakistan match, said that there was no issue with Kumble and those issues stated were just made up by people. He stated “It’s been really good working with Anil Kumble”. He thus dismissed all the rumors and put an end to all those. 

Sources also said that Virat never complained to any BCCI official that he has issues with Kumble. Further, that if Virat and Kumble doesn’t get along, there is no guarantee that Viral and Sehwag will get along. For, every member in the Indian cricket team knows that Sehwag is also a no-nonsense individual. 

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author02 Angel 03 Jun 2017 27

With the CBSE class-12 results announced just a few days ago, everyone including your neighbor, your vegetable vendor, your maid, your folks, your folks’ folks, your tailor, and many others suddenly seems to have developed interest in you. Twitter is flowing with hilarious reactions highlighting the ugly, good and bad associated with it. We have collected a few for you. Read and enjoy. 

1. What to tell a student who has got 95% and wants to send her paper for re-evaluation? 

2. Verma ji is glad that his CBSE failed son scored higher than his neighbor Sharma ji’s failed son. Verma ji said with tears in his eyes “Even while failing, he made sure that our naak and izaat in the society remains undamaged”.

3. Someone wrote “Forget students and their scores. I feel for cell phones. For, they are the ones whom most parents will be blame for their child’s bad performance in the exams”. 

4. CBSE results have been accomplishing something since 1962 that most social strategies could not-uniting relatives.

5. With the average CBSE scores increasing with each passing year, the best reply to your aunt’s query “Son, how much have you scored?” would be “More than you”.

6. No one really cares about your scores except... your relatives, their relatives, and the relatives of their relatives.

7. I strongly suggest that by the go, the “CBSE Board Results Day” should be proclaimed as the “National Relatives Day”. 

Hope you had a good laugh. With that we would like to part with our final words realizing the immense stress that students are undergoing at the moment. Everyone including parents, students and their loved ones should realize that marks aren’t everything in life. One doesn’t need to be labeled a topper to find success in his or her endeavors. There a loads of career choices to pick from. Do visit FairGaze to get genuine help in this regard. 

History as a Solution for the Present

author02 Srishti Anand 23 May 2017 10

The term history has been taken from the Greek work ‘historia’. History can be defined as the study of past. It covers the different aspect of learning of the past, which can be broadly classified as event, memory, presentation etc. Scholars who are involved into studying and observing history are called historians.

History is a very broad term. Everything ranging from the place we live in to the mathematical concepts we use, has had a history. Knowing history keeps us rooted to our culture. Studying and knowing the things of past helps in getting closer to our community and culture. In the process, it makes us better global citizens.

History is basically made up of sequences related to some particular culture. These events are given the term of cultural heritage or legends. The nature of history has evolved over time and is still continuously changing. The modern type of study of history involves wide study of specific geographical regions and their development. 

For long, history has provided the students with skills to observe and analyse complex situations with an open mind. Therefore it allows them to make decisions keeping in mind the lessons of the past.History has been taught at academic level for a long time. This helps students in getting in touch with the events of past and knowing how their culture developed over the centuries.

Being aware about the history is important for any individual. Studying history allows you to treat the current affairs with a wiser perspective. This is because, whatever occurs in today’s time is in some way the result of or influenced by the happenings of the past. 

People tend to question as to why some people act in ways different from the other. All of this behavioural aspect is based on history. History has been a source of cultural awareness for people all over the globe. This is the reason why researchers believe that if we are aiming at improving the present, an authentic knowledge of the past is important.


author02 Angel 16 May 2017 6

Holiday season is a time of celebration for most students. However, often it can even stress you out. Only by staying organized, you can enjoy it to the fullest extent. We at FairGaze, a socio-educational platform for teachers, mentors and students, have come up with some tips to help you be organized during this holiday season.

Make a list of the things you need to do in the holiday season. This should include those things that cannot be skipped. For instance, attending your cousin’s wedding.

Make a list of the things that you want to do. For instance, learning some crafts, taking up a computer crash course, etc. 

Prioritize your needs and wants, and timetable them. If you stick to your schedule, it is likely that you will get everything done without getting weary.

 Plan some breaks. When you are making your timetable for your holiday period, ensure that you leave some blank spaces in between. During these times, you can simply relax or do something that strikes you at that moment. 

If you are travelling or if folks are traveling to your place, come up with a master doc of the travel modes and routes. Place a printout of this on your refrigerator or in a file on your phone- so that it is easily accessible. You can also distribute the master doc to everyone concerned. Make sure that everyone is there on time, along with who is picking who and at what time. 

Add some fun to hard tasks. If you feel keeping up with your daily exercise routine hard, partner up with someone like minded to make the task somewhat jollier.

With that, our list of tips comes to an end. However, we would like to part with these final words….. If you are not be able to accomplish every single task scheduled. It’s simply okay. Just let go of your intense expectations for the season. Just remember to enjoy every moment. We invite you to connect with us at FairGaze during these holidays and beyond. 


author02 Angel 15 May 2017 10

Your mom does so much for you. She has sacrificed many things for you. Her presence in your life has to be celebrated every single day. With Mother’s Day at hand, FairGaze, a socio-educational platform for students, teachers and mentors, brings you an awesome method to make a good looking mother’s day card. 

This way you can create a beautifully stripped mother’s day card. We have chosen this because any one can do it, and it does not take much time too. 

Things you will need: A plain card (color or white), different colors and patterns of scrapbook paper (spotted, stripped, flowered, plain, etc), a pair of scissors, glue, a strip of scalloped paper, and a pink ribbon.

How do you do it?

Step1: Place the plain card over a horizontal surface with its front facing you.

Step 2: Cut strips of scrapbook papers (different colors and patterns) in a way that each of those measures the breadth of the plain card.

Step 3: Stick each strip horizontally over the card one after the other, leaving no gap in between. Ensure that the colors and patterns of the adjacent layers are complementary and that they look good together. 

Step 4: Stick a strip of scalloped paper below the final strip. 

Step 5: Tie a pink ribbon round the card half way down the horizontal stripes to accent the pretty layers. 

Step 6: On the right hand corner of the card’s bottom, write a message for your mom. It can be a simple “I love you” or “Thank you mom”. 

Now that your card is ready, let us add something more to it. Write a beautiful message for her inside the card. Expressing gratitude for the daily love that she showers on you, or recalling a bonding moment that you shared with her over the card can add a magical touch to it!

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The Sun Moon and Calendar

author02 Srishti Anand 08 May 2017 7

Calendars have always come to our rescue, in situations when we forget important dates and occasions.

The question arises, as to how this concept of dates and months actually came up?

The world's oldest calendar which dates back to more than 10,000 years was discovered in Scotland. Today we follow the Gregorian calendar.  Earlier the calendar that was followed was the Julian calendar, which was admirably close to the actual length of the year. The term calendar itself is taken from calendae, the term for the first day of the month in the Roman calendar.

The calendar is a system of organizing days for social, religious, commercial or administrative purposes. This is done by giving names to the intervals of time (days, weeks, months and years). These intervals are usually synchronised with the cycle of the moon and sun. In the earlier times the duration of a month was calculated according to the cycle of the moon around Earth. Thus the term Month came up, referring to ‘moonth’. The concept of month was based on the moon’s motion around the earth. But this connection was broken in the calendar that is used now.

The world does not have one fixed standardized calendar. Different cultures have gotten made different calendars. This has resulted in us having Chinese calendar, Mayan calendar etc. 

Formulating a calendar was important, because calculating dates is an important task for deciding the sacred days of the year. These sacred days were decided according to the regular intervals of the occurrences in a year.  It also helped the early researchers in maintaining a proper intelligible record of the events of the past.

Calendars have always been an integral part of our daily schedule. We may not give them a justified due but without calendars all the days, dates and events would have been lost.


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